Duchesne Manor
Duchesne Manor
current residence of Xylianne Molyneaux
"Formerly owned by Percival Rex and Rainier Alphosne Duchesne"
"sons of Rawling and Chantalle Duchesne"

Duchesne Home

Duchesne Manor is located in Hill Head south of Stubbington, west of Lee-on-the-Solent and south east of Titchfield, in the borough of Fareham, Hampshire. It sits on property situated between a thicket that extends into lush woods and the beach. A beautiful old stone building, with a seemingly much larger interior then exterior.

The home was formerly owned by Chantalle and Rawling, it being the childhood home of Xylianne's father Gerard. It has been in the Duchesne family for centuries, the majority of Rawling's family were raised in this very same house. Xylianne has come to love it and at as if were her own childhood home, finding all the secret places her father once loved as a boy. The former owners of Duchesne Manor are Xylianne's uncles, the Duchesne brothers Percival and Rainier. Since her employment with the British Ministry, her uncles have asked that she come and live in the home as the careers that they have chosen keep them away more than they would like. Xylianne has officially purchased the house and it is now in her name.

As you walk up the stone staircase, through the archway leading to the front porch. There is an open area to your right that over looks half of the property, Xylianne can usually be found out here, sitting on the cool stone enjoying the view of the trees and water that surrounded her, She would also be waiting for her you, though she didn't actually know who it would be. If you do not see her, you should knock on the large green wooden door.
Green Wooden Door


Upon passing though the large green wooden doors you enter the Foyer, a spacious, warm, welcoming area. The floors walls are a pure white and the floors are a beige marble, the circular sofa the Chantalle had made still sits before the staircase leading to the second floor, the recreation rooms, bedrooms and servants quarters which remain unused. There are offshoots leading to various other areas of the house. The Cloak Room and Parlour to the left and the Kitchen and Dining Room to the left, straight to the back the Library and Study can be found.

Cloak Room

The Cloak Room in Duchesne Manor, is just shy of ridiculous. The room appears as a hallway with six cushioned wood benches leading to the Parlour. The walls are lined with door handles. The handles, when pulled open to reveal closets, some holding very old brooms, some still filled with Chantalle's fur coats and a very select few, random it seems, holding both Amoretta and Gerard's clothes.


The darkest room in the house, the curtains over the windows are thick and the deep burgundy keeps the light out when more darkness is desired. The walls of the room are a strange pattern Chantalle herself designed, in a gold and black. The seating in the room is split into to sections, the section around a small wooden table with five cushioned leather seats, and the section that adjacent to the fireplace with two leather sofas angled to catch the heat from the fire and still hold conversation.

Kitchen | Pantry

The kitchen is yet another grandiose room, it is also one that Chantalle had less say in than most others. All though she did fill the role of Matriarch, she was no house wife. Xylianne has put the kitchen to much more use then Chantalle ever has. Xylianne has had the wood changed from white to a rich, warm apple and the counters from black marble to a much lighter white, grey, and black speckled granite. She has had three kitchen island counters installed for no reason other than she likes how they look.

Dinning Room

The dining room is just beyond a double archway through the kitchen, past the pantry. There is a large glass table in the center of the room surrounded by five cushioned wooden chairs. The walls of the room are a dull teal to compliment the glass table, the floor is made from larch wood, it is not the rich warm color more dull and grey. The walls of the room also hold family portraits of the Duchesne's of previous eras.

Library | Study

The Library and Study are the room(s) just beyond the staircase, another large room filled with books, the walls of this room are bookshelves made from the same larch wood as the dining room. The walls of the room are a very similar shade to teal color of the dining room. In the center of the room is an L shaped black sofa with varying colors of teal throw pillows, the bookshelf walls mask the entrance to the Study.


The Conservatory is Xylianne's garden, she has both magical and muggle plants growing here. The majority are just what she prefers to see and the other are what seem to naturally grow in this general area due to use throughout the years.


Servant's Quarters

(Now Vacant)

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