Xylianne Molyneaux
former Beauxbâtons Professeur de Charmes
(Character Roleplayed by Kirá)
We could never learn to be brave and patient, if there were only joy in the world.

–Helen Keller

Mol – Xylianne Molyneaux The Unostentatious Gazelle
TALK – Beautiful young people are accidents of nature, but beautiful old people are works of art.
I am Xylianne Désirée Noémie Geneviéve Duchesne Molyneaux. If you please, simply call me Mol.

Quick info

Xylianne Molyneaux
Kira - Xylianne




Molyneaux and Duchesne


May 1st, 1986


Mahogany, Willow, Dittany core, 24 cm

Wand arm





Maltese Tigress

Blood status

Pure-Blood (Metamorphmagus)


Early life

My name is Xylianne (pronounced Zilly-Ann) or Mol as I prefers to be called. I was born May 1, 1986 to Amoretta Molyneaux and Gerard Zenidine Duchesne in La Mure, France, the month before their one year wedding anniversary. Almost instantly I debuted my magical prowess. At a few months old I had pulled the stuffed creatures from the mobile above my bassinet so hard that the strings snapped, and soon a Kneazle, Dragon, Mermaid, and Winged Horse were flying about the room. Mon père Gerard, and ma mère Amoretta found it amusing, and never replaced them. When I was nearly 5 my brother Evhardt was born. I taught my little brother all the magic tricks I knew to entertain myself, including flying toys. Evhardt had a trick of his own, he would keep the winged horse from my mobile.

When I was 8 my first little sister Marjolaine was born. Marjolaine loved Evhardt's trick, she also showed this to our youngest sister Arette. Mes petites soeurs would take the mermaid, and kneazle, ominously leaving the dragon behind. I hadn't noticed, as I was too busy preparing to go to Beauxbâtons. Grand-mère, Chantalle had been discussing with both de son enfant Gerard, and son époux Rawling about the appropriate wand for the children. I had wands to test, made by grand-père, and papa. I waved, I swished, I jabbed, I tapped, I aimed, and I flicked a number of rejects before choosing the wand that Rawling, and Gerard had come to agree should be customized for me. I attended Beauxbâtons from 1996-2003 fulling my academic requirements one year before my 17th birthday. Even though I was a notorious trouble maker, infamous for tormenting younger girls, and bullying them into secrecy to avoid being caught. I was top of the class earning the equivalent of six O's in Charms, Transfiguration, Divination, Care of Magical Creatures, Dark Arts, Apparition and two E's in both Potions and Herbology.

I attended the World Cup with ma famille, visited the Golfe de Beauduc with friends, and cousins. I was in the last few months of my third year when my family was killed in a tragic freak accident. Mon père Gerard, ma mère Amoretta, mes sœurs; Marjolaine and Arette, and mon frère Evhardt were making what was to be a quick visit to Gringott's. A dragon had escaped the vaults, in it's escape it left behind a gruesome scene, and a recurring nightmare for me. Mon père Gerard, and ma mère Amoretta were struck in the head by falling debris. Young, fragile Marjolaine, and little Arette quickly succumbed to their injuries after being pinned under large, very heavy pieces of the building. Evhardt survived the ordeal, unfortunately, he too died a few days later in St. Mungo's Hospital of a severe brain injury.

I was forced to bury my family, her mère, père, frère, et sœurs in the Duchesne family plots. The sight of Arette's tiny coffin was too much for me to bare, and I had an emotional breakdown. Nearly inconsolable until all the coffins were lowered into the ground, I was able to gather herself, and continue with the funeral proceedings. I withdrew from everyday life for years after that. A number of Duchesne, and Molyneaux family members reached out in the hopes of providing what I would need to work through this difficult time. I refused emotional support. I secluded herself in my magical studies. All I did was practice, learning to non-verbally perform some of my most powerful Charm, and Transfiguration spells.

Broken without family, and almost fixated on my loss. For a very long time I was angry, all the time. In the process of learning some very dangerous conjurations, I came to the realization on my own that holding in my pain, and anger would never bring my family back. By accepting my loss I could try to find a sense of peace. There was a phase where I was very keen at divination, the words "Seer potential" may or may not have been used when referring to my so called skill. I returned to school changed, I was no longer a Beauxbâtons bully. I received praise for my precision in Charms, and Transfiguration. I learned the best techniques for Potions, and how to quickly, and properly identify various magical plants, and herbs involved in Herbology. When I was taught, I excelled in medical magic. The glory was given to my dittany core wand. I continued to demonstrate the strength of my power. Gaining some much needed clarity in Divination, stronger Charms, Hexes, Jinxes, and more precise Transfiguration work. I learned the human transformation spell known as the Animagus Transformation from a book I had never wanted to look twice at attic. In my last years as a student I focused on learning this type of transformation, and did so successfully transforming for the first time into a Gazelle.

I spent summers, and school breaks with stacks of books, but I succeeded. After graduating I lived a contently, offered a position as Professeur de Charmes at Beauxbâtons. A position I held for 10 years, I became engaged to my long time boyfriend in the summer of 2005. Grégoire grew very distant during my time as a Professeur. Ultimately, his distance lead to a serious decision about the relationship. Grégoire parted amicably since I took a position within the British Ministry. He remained in the home purchased for us in the Rhône-Alpes, while I took to Duchesne family property, the current home of my uncles Percival and Raineir ; Duchesne Manor in Hill Head. I spent five long years wishing, and hoping Grégoire would come be with me. Sadly, he chose to be with a fashion model from Japan, I hold no ill will towards Grégoire or his wife Meiko.

Family Members

My immediate family members; Mon père Gerard, and ma mère Amoretta, mes sœurs; Marjolaine and Arette and mon frère Evhardt Duchesne, were all killed during a freak accident at Gringotts Wizarding Bank. My living relatives are; La famille de ma mère, her cousins the Molyneaux sisters Nesrine and Maéva, their brother Quinten and his wife Dahlia. La famille de mon père, the Duchesne brothers Percival, and Rainier.


I was born with wavy light brown hair that looks more blonde than brown. Bright green eyes, that give the appearance of a haunting blue. I have tan skin that appears pink or bright red when flushed or embarrassed, also when I get too much sun. I have very peculiar shaped lips the bottom being fuller than the top. I am slightly above average height at 5'7", fairly slender, with very defined muscle definition in my back, shoulders, and arms.


I was born a Metamorphmagus. I learned many years ago, that I was born with the ability to transform at will. To my recollection neither ma mère, nor mon père were Metamorphmagi, this includes mon grand-père et grand-mère, to the best of my knowledge. I remain unaware of my actual blood status, though I claim to be Pure-Blood. I also do not use the ability, I find it disturbing. Having learned to control my emotions at a young age I do not often have spontaneous transformations which keeps the talent as close to secret as I want.


I used to be very outgoing, cunning, arrogant, illusory and manipulative. I was an absolute terror among the palace of Beauxbatons, causing all sorts of trouble for Professors and students. After the death of my family I became much more solitary, precise, humble, careful and even sincere. Students who were unaware of my personal situation believed my new behaviour was a ploy, a long con. Though tragic, and unexpected the event had changed me for the better. I was able to show that I was a brilliant student, I continue to be an incredibly smart, and capable woman. At 13 I shut myself away, and focused only on magic. I continued my schooling under the guardianship of mes grands Chantalle and Rawling. I spoke so little for my last few years as a student, some people believed I may have become mute. I work very hard at being less of the solitary individual I have slowly become.

Magical abilities and skills


Xylianne Désirée Noémie Veva Molyneaux (Duchesne)

Xylianne is a combination of the Greek name Xylia a variant of xylon meaning of the forest or forest dweller and the Hebrew name Anne a variant of Hannah meaning gracious.

Désirée is a French name, a feminine form of Désiré, meaning desired or longing desire.

Noémie is a French form of the Hebrew name No'omiy meaning my pleasantness or my delight.

Veva is a pet form of the actual name Geneviéve meaning lady of the people, fair blessed or holy.

Duchesne was formed in Normandy is a local form of the place name meaning of Quesney or Chenay.

Molyneaux is derived from the ancestral home in Molineaux-Sur-Seine, near Rouen in Normandy.


*Wand : Mahogany wood, Willow hilt, Dittany core, 9⅔"

Tanis willow mahogany wand

My wand was handmade for me by mon père, et mon grand-père, independent French broomstick and wandmakers. Mahogany : pliable, excellent for transfiguration. Willow Hilt: reputation for enabling advanced, non-verbal magic, the willow wands have consistently selected those of greatest potential, rather than those who feel they have little to learn. Dittany Core: a magical plant and a powerful restorative. In addition to its essence being applied topically, the raw plant can be consumed to heal shallow wounds.

*Esmée : Snowy owl

Xyli Snowy Owl
Esmée is a beautiful white Snowy owl that I bonded with very quickly, although I only purchased the owl because it seemed everyone uses one. Esmée has a bit of an attitude she is generally only affectionate to me, tending to be very possessive of my time with other people. Esmée will assume her defensive posture spreading her wings, and lowering her head. It is usually best to depart from my presence at such time.

*Journal : various day dreams and night terrors that seem to come true

Xylianne journal
I have kept a journal of my dreams, and night terrors, as it seems day after day different portions of what I has been written plays out before my eyes. I have learned to accept death as a natural part of life. I know that harboring pain, guilt, sadness, or fear will never make anything better. My only hope these days is to make sure that the last memory of my family is not of death, and despair, sorrow or pity. I want the beauty in their life to be remembered.

*Magical Photographs : Gerard & Amoretta on their wedding day June 1985

Amoretta, Gerard and Xylianne blowing out the candles on her 1st birthday 1987

Xylianne and Evhardt playing with an astronomical model July 1993

Marjolaine, Evhardt and Xylianne at the 422nd Quidditch World Cup August 1994

Evhardt, Marjolaine and Arette bursting enchanted balloons on New Year's Eve 1996

Duchesne family Christmas 1997


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