Wren van Heemstra
Wren Van Heemstra6
Birthdate January 15th 2017
Birth Place Wigtown, Dumfries and Galloway, Scotland
Hometown Wigtown, Dumfries and Galloway, Scotland
Accent English
Heritage English (Frisian/Dutch)
Bloodline Muggle-born
Family Warren, and van Heemstra
Wand Arm Right
Wand Length 9⅔"
Wand Wood Elm
Wand Core Unicorn Hair
Boggart Being smothered (Pnigophobia)
Patronus Red Squirrel
Amortentia Bacon, Cooked Kale, Elderberry

Wren van Heemstra - Hufflepuff
Send Me an Owl! - “I do not know everything; still many things I understand.”
“You don’t know the meaning of moderation, do you, my darling? A happy medium is something I wonder if you’ll ever learn.”

Vital Information

Wren van Heemstra is a Muggle-born wizard of Frisian and Dutch descent. He is the only son of Sabine Warren and Charles van Heemstra.

Full Name: Wren Gregoor van Heemstra
Meaning of name: Wren — "from the farm"
Gregoor — "vigilant, a watchman"
Birthdate: January 15th

Astrological Sign: Capricorn

Type of childhood: Happy
First memory: First day of Muggle school
Most important childhood event: Being the new kid, starting his first day of school mid year
Why: He learned he hates being singled out

Life Before Hogwarts

You have to work harder than everyone else. Can you promise me you'll do that?

– Charles van Heemstra

I will. I promise.

– Wren van Heemstra

Charles and Sabine relocated prior to Wren's birth, securing his position as Head of a nascent Private School was one of his main goals in life having reached it early he felt lost, and without ambition. Charles, and Sabine decided to have their baby in a place they hoped would be more accepting of a mixed race couple, and what they would soon become, a (wizarding) family. Sabine and Charles wanted Wren raised as similar to the average child as possible. He attended various day care institutions which allowed him to socialize without the supervision of his parents. He fared well in day care, he kept to himself mostly, always playing quietly with marbles or legos. He did end up making one friend he expects to keep for the rest of his life.

Amidst the desire for their son to be more than ordinary, above average, Sabine and Charles decided to cautiously expose him to magic. They frequented wizarding villages with their family, and friends. Through Sabine's sister Nylah, Wren was introduced to the sport of quidditch, and loved it immediately. He was enrolled in over five years of Muggle schooling before his magic was ever noticed, this he did not love. His first sign of magic happened at school. It was a day like any other, just before playtime Wren, and his class were spending the last few minutes of physical education playing dodgeball. Wren had never cared for the game, and he usually jumped in front of a ball in the first few seconds so as to not have to play the game until the end. This day, however, Wren was one of the last few students to not be hit. It was between him, and his classes golden boy Harris Watson. Wren was done with the game already, but he did not want to have to listen to Harris mocking him for losing yet again. One of Harris' friends Max Wilson chucked the ball at Wren who inadvertently caused the ball to ricochet off of absolutely nothing (using a shield charm), and hit Harris Watson right in the head. Some kids say that Wren won that day, others say differently.

Wren made a friend he does not consider his friend on his first day of Muggle school. Trix is what everyone calls her, Wren calls her by her name, Astrix Ledbury. He was sitting at a lunch table alone, Trix sat next to him, and offered to trade lunches. After that everyone in school called Trix Wren's girlfriend, and Wren Trix' boyfriend. Since they could not make anyone stop they ignored them. Trix had her other friend Iris Randle, and Wren had Neil, his wizard friend from home. Wren did not know that Trix was a witch, and Trix did not know that Neil knew Wren. When the kids all bumped into each other over a holiday weekend they all learned something new that day. Neil found a new away to make fun of his friends. While Trix and Wren learned they were not so different. He was never allowed to have his friends over, but he was always allowed to visit any friends he made. Wren has been steadily influenced to keep his knowledge of the wizarding world a secret from his Muggle friends. Sabine was terrified her son would be so compelled to impress perfect strangers he would abandon everything he had been taught, and talk about the branches of magic that interested him the most.

It was only a few months after Wren's eleventh birthday that he, and his parents were visited by a special messenger, something they were not expecting. It was told to them that Wren was a wizard, and that he would be able to attend a prestigious school for magical children called Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. His mother knew immediately the magic had come from somewhere on her side of the family, her own sister having miraculously become a witch when they were his age. His father on the other hand was as doubtful as can be until Wren began having frequent uncontrolled bouts with his newfound magic whenever he was faced with an overwhelming amount of emotion. From then on he was a believer, and he became adamant about Wren's magical education.

Hufflepuff Crest (Gif)


Wren was Sorted into Hufflepuff by something called the Sorting Hat. It is literally a Hat that not only talks, and decides where each student will spend the next seven years, it also reads minds. During his first few days at Hogwarts Wren learned quickly that just about everyone in his year has something to say. While it seems like it, not everyone speaks their mind. For the most part if one of his classmates have something they want to say, they are going to say it. It can lead to a lot of hostile conversations that usually consist of back and forth verbal jabs between two or four people. The debates only ever seem to happen in Defense Against the Dark Arts though a small, and forgettable debate in History has taken place as well.

How a typical DAtDA debate ends on the first day of school — First Year
Can you two just shut up? ... Shut up. Your acting like a moron.

– Mona Chambers

Please just ignore him?

– Eilis O'Reilly

Aside from the arguing, you have all made good points. I'm willing to let you continue to discuss this, if you'd like, as long as you keep the hostility to a minimum. ...

– Professor Nora Déonté

How a typical DAtDA debate about Dueling ends — First Year
I hope duels are the last thing we do, because these people will kill themselves before anything.

– Sophia Barber

Just argue somewhere else, please.

– Clarissa Padmore

... I do not want to kick people out but I also do not want to send anyone to the hospital wing. ...

– Professor Nora Déonté

It did not take any longer than a few weeks for him to realize that Gryffindors are exactly what he expected them to be. Crowther, Brown, and Swenson, are three memorable examples. Wren does think they do have one good thing going for them over at Gryffindor so far, Tori Torres, she makes up for everything those other three could possibly do.

Wren's first year at Hogwarts was also the year the Triwizard Tournament took place, two Champions from Wren's school were chosen; Wesley Griffin, and Jenelle Mitchell-Anderson. He was excited by the prospect of six champions thinking only one champion would be chosen from each school. He did not care about the ball, he was more interested in the tasks and who would win. He had his mind set early on, he thought it would be Wesley, or Aleksander. He doubted both the champions from Beauxbâtons, and was surprised Noelle and Rafael made it as far as they did. Between the three strong female champions he honestly thought Mikaela from Durmstrang was going to blow everyone away.

His school life and his home life were vastly different. He was surprised to find his second year was less eventful than the first. He did find it gave him the chance to learn more in class, but at the expense of memorable moments he would never forget. It was not a balance he could fully agree with. Learning was not as much fun with out some tension involved in fact it was downright boring. The lack of animosity in the classroom equaled to no one having an interest in classroom participation. He did find that he was no longer in need of a gemstone to help him focus.

His third year he was in top form, he was playing on the quidditch team and everything just seemed better. He tried not to let his recreational aspirations color the rest of the year. It was difficult to for him to focus on much else. He spent all of his free time practicing which was smart. He and former quidditch captain Ebberla "Emma" Daschund were a force to be reckoned with. They were quite literally unstoppable together, Wren is good little soldier and he always followed her lead. They were the ultimate beater pair that year winning the Quidditch Cup.

Fourth year was a bust, he was replaced. He was lost without quidditch what made it worst was the without Astrix Ledbury as his side he was almost literally dead to the world. He stumbled through that year rather blindly and felt like he had no purpose in life. There were two good things to come out of it. The pretty girl with her bucket of biscuits and weird girl with the bright hair. He might have never met either of them if not for all the things to have happened. If he were playing quidditch and Astrix were still one his arm he would have been complacent.


Fifth Year he got a title he could not honestly say that he expected to be given when he first began at Hogwarts. He was thrilled to share the news with his father who was practically bursting with pride despite not knowing much about what it meant other than what his son and sister in law told him.

Hufflepuff™ Quidditch™ Badge

He started his Hogwarts quidditch career as a Reserve Chaser, he was a descent chaser, he played in one game. His second consecutive year on the team he switched positions, and he earned 'starter' privileges. As a Beater he was likely to play in every game depending on Reserve Beaters in rotation. After watching Norway slaughter the competition in the 2030 World Cup he was something on the farther side of over enthused.

Additional Facts

Lower education: Muggle school until age 11
Higher education: Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry; Hufflepuff

O.W.L. Results:

Charms — O
Transfiguration — O
Herbology — A
Defense Against the Dark Arts — E
Ancient Runes — A
Care of Magical Creatures — A
Astronomy — E
History of Magic — A
N.E.W.T. Results:
Charms —
Transfiguration —
Herbology —
Defense Against the Dark Arts —
Potions —
Care of Magical Creatures —
Astronomy —
History of Magic —
Apparition —

Talents (hidden or not): Lithomancy
Extremely skilled at: Charms, Transfiguration
Extremely unskilled at: Herbology
Good characteristics: Enthusiastic, Thoughtful
Character flaws: Covetous, Melancholic

Color: Chartreuse
Food: Smoked Salmon on a bagel with cream cheese, Braunschweiger, Ham hocks and sauerkraut
Music: Electronica (UK Garage)
Clothing style/Outfit: Muggle clothes
Literature: Fantasy, Adventure
Expressions: “The grass is always greener on the other side of the fence.”
Quote: “Friendship is the melody and fragrance of life.”

Recent developments:


Enthusiastic - Thoughtful, Attentive, Melancholic, Idealistic

Wren may be be a descendant of Dutch nobility, however than does not make him one of those irritating holier-than-thou royals. He does always stand with his hands placed respectfully, and almost suspiciously behind his back. His ego might be to blame for his extremely confident, and occasionally boastful manner. He says random things, and will sometimes makes up lies for absolutely no reason. He speaks about himself in 3rd person when he gets embarrassed or feels anxious. He often mixes up common phrases saying things like: ”When the going gets tough, put the petal to the metal.” He also finds what he calls the resulting "epigrams" rather amusing.

Mannerisms: Foot tapping, Shrugging
Peculiarities: Electrophobia - Fear of Electricity
Worst bad habit: Finding rhymes for peoples’ names
Likes to give small gifts, and may be offended if they are not appreciated
Quirks: He writes with his left hand, but does everything else right-handed
He speaks about himself in 3rd person when he is embarrassed or anxious
Pet peeves:


Dudley O'Shaughnessy

It is safe to say Wren strongly resembles his mother compared to the little he has in common with his father. He shares with her thick, shiny hair, and a triangular shaped face. Wren and his father prefer their hair worn in the same classic short cropped style. Like his father he has a cool beige skin tone. He has the same eyes as his mother, a light Blue-Grey. His eyebrows are thin, and flat. He has a sharply rounded nose, and often bares a closed mouth smile.


Father Best friends. He and his father spend every weekend engaged in an outdoor activity.
Mother His one weakness is his mother. She has always made any pain he was suffering from go away.
Sister Typical sibling relationship. She picks on him, and he picks on her, they play, and they fight.

Extended family (aunts, uncles, cousins, etc.):

Robert van Heemstra
Hilde van Heemstra (née Atkins)
Wren Warren
Margaret Warren (née Hendrix)
Blake Hallewell
Elizabeth Hallewell (née van Heemstra)
Stuart Bradshaw
Nylah Bradshaw (née Warren)

Friend Relationship with them
Rachel Griffin Rachel — She is pesky, in positive sense of the word. Like that song that is so catchy the lyrics or tune are glued to the brain. She is the definition of weird, but that does not seem to make her entirely off-putting. She is actually undeniably interesting.
Hayden Browne Hayden — She is kind of breathtaking. She has an easygoing aura that makes being around something that feels comfortable, almost like she's been a friend forever. She got a a bit of mischief to her as well, it turns that peaceful vibe to excitement quickly.
Astrix Ledbury Trix — Sort of Wren's (girl)friend/best friend? She does not call herself that, and neither does he. Trix traded lunches with Wren one day back at Muggle school, since then everyone around them gave her that title.
He is probably, secretly, in love with her.
Neil Wenlock Neil — Friends since they were babies. Charles and Neil's dad Sam are ex-roommates, and old friends since their uni days. Neil is a wizard, but he goes to Durmstrang, he is a Half-breed but through his mother he is part-human.
Neil's estranged father is a part-Veela (and Wren's godfather)


Most prized possession: A collection of crystals and Tumbled Stones
Why: Wren has Crystallophilia - Abnormal affection for crystals or glass
Familiar/Pet: Igor (British Shorthair)
Wand: Elm Unicorn Hair


Spell Effect
First Year Spells
Protego Causes minor spells to rebound or not have their full effect
Expelliarmus Disarming Charm
Incendio Produces fire
Petrificus Totalus Binds the target's body in a straight position
Lumos Creates a small light on the wand's tip
Nox Counterspell to Lumos
Locomotor Mortis Locks target's legs together
Hover Charm Levitates and moves objects
Petrificus Totalus Binds the target's body in a straight position
Gripping Charm Helps to grip something better
Second Year Spells
Pluma pondus Makes something lightweight
Flame-Freezing Charm Causes fire to become harmless
Lumos Solem Creates a bright light and hurts things which don't like sunlight
Impedimentia Binds, trips or freezes the target
Aquamenti Conjures water
Hurling Hex Causes an object to hurt anything off it
Metolojinx Recanto Causes weather effects caused by incantations to cease
Third Year Spells
Expulso Causes an object to explode
Bombarda Causes a small explosion
Salvio Hexia Provides Protection against hexes
Finite Incantatem Negates the effects of most charms
Impervius Charm Makes something repellant to substances
Mobilicorpus Lifts a body off the ground and floats it nearby
Confundo Causes the target to become confused and forgetful
Fourth Year Spells
Evanesco Makes the target vanish
Ferula Creates a bandage and splint
Supersensory Charm Heightens the target's senses
Protego Totalum Protects an area or dwelling
Incarcerous Ties something up with rope
Levicorpus Target is dangled upside down by an invisible force
Liberacorpus Counterspell to levicorpus
Fifth Year Spells
Sixth Year Spells
Additional Spells