Professor Helandria Norene Wizard Art Professor
-Twin of Professor Silvia Norene

 – Ex Gryffindor

Attention to all Wizard Art students: I believe you deserve to know what we'll be doing this term. Find your year and under it I have listed the projects and concepts we'll be studying.

OCC Notice: To "make" the projects, have a link to a Google image, or something made on a drawing website; I'm not sure if uploading all those pictures will be spamming or not. For essays, however, make a page titled "_____'s Essay on ______." Thanks!

3rd Years

  • Sketching is one of the most important parts of drawing. Different techniques will be covered such as contouring, focus, shading, and more. OOC: 'DUE 7/15/12'
  • Say hello to yourself! We will be creating realistic self-portraits and enchanting them to move like common wizard photographs. OOC: DUE 7/30/12
  • Claude Monet, a French artist who created the impressionist style of art, will be our inspiration for our own impressionist-style paintings. OOC: DUE 8/15/12
  • Weaving is not a very common form of art, but extremely enjoyable if you give it a chance - which we will; weaving small tapestries of major events in wizard history. OOC: DUE 8/30/12

OOC: Due dates subject to sudden changes.

4th Years

  • Have you ever met an Animagus? We will be creating clay animal sculptures and learning the charm to make them speak! OOC: DUE 7/30/12
  • Essay time - don't panic, writing is like art, except for that we are instead drawing with words. I like to hear your voice come through in your essays. Your essay will be about a Wizard artist who was also known in the Muggle world. OOC: DUE 8/20/12
  • For any 3rd year Art students, this will be review. If you are new, then you will learn that much more. We will be practicing sketching techniques and expanding our knowledge on drawing. OOC: DUE 9/10/12\

OOC: Due dates subject to sudden changes.

5th Years

  • Flowers are known as a symbol of beauty worldwide, and some have magical properties. We will be studying these flowers and pressing at least 4 different kinds of them. OOC: DUE 7/20/12
  • This will be a writing assignment (if you look up at the 4th year section, what I have said there still applies - writing is art, just with a pencil, not a paintbrush). Have you ever visited an art museum, and felt like you were walking through the paintings, through cool and interesting worlds? Well, realize that into a short story using 5 or more Wizard art paintings or sculptures. OOC: DUE 8/15/12
  • Who likes to read? We will be creating wood carvings in the likenesses of our most beloved book characters. OOC: DUE 9/1/12
  • OWLs are coming—time for some weeks of studying you'll be grateful for. OOC: 9/2/12 - 10/2/12

OOC: Due dates subject to sudden changes.

6th Years

  • Become a Daily Prophet reporter and make a series of prints that move - give a story behind them, like a real article! OOC: DUE 7/25/12
  • Color is important and can seriously effect the mood of any work of art. We will be creating triplet drawings in warm, cool, and neutral color schemes. OOC: DUE 8/15/12
  • Origami, the ancient art of folding paper, is something you will find respect for in our project of making a single-sheet origami creation and literally making it come alive! OOC: DUE 9/1/12
  • Advanced color blending techniques are colored. OOC: DUE 9/20/12

OOC: Due dates subject to sudden changes.

7th Years

  • Have you kept any of your childhood drawings? Do you ever look at them and wonder what it was exactly that your 5-year-old hand drew other than a series of scribbles? Well, figure out, because we will be taking a childhood drawing and completely revamping it. OOC: DUE 8/1/12
  • Cinematography is such a wonderful and delicate form of art. We will be focusing on the basics and culminating with shooting 3-minute films. OOC: DUE 9/10/12
  • Watercolors - so basic, so beautiful. Fill a canvas with your creations - this will be a totally free project, paint whatever you wish. It will be your final Wizard Art project in Hogwarts, so why not make it special? OOC: DUE 9/30/12
  • NEWT study and review. OOC: 10/1/12 - 10/20/12

OOC: Due dates subject to sudden changes.

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