Go on In! Welcome to my Office!

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This was once the office of Professor Serafina Ochondra, the Wizard Art Professor at Hogwarts. The room is very delicate. It has a small chair with an easel and a sheet of white paper. In the corner is a table covered with paint, pencils, pastels, crayons and markers. This is where the professor mixes colors and other tints. A small portion of the room at the other end is used for the Professor's Photography Hobby. This also the place where she can practice taking her photographs. In the right corner, two desks stands for the storage of typewriting paper, oslo, cartolina, colored, manila and special papers, also the storage of popsicle sticks, glue sticks, scissors, scotch tape, erasers, sharpeners, ball-pen, staplers, plastic covers, folders, punchers, illustration boards and many other more. You may also have detention.

The Wall

This is a portion of the room where the profess
Unicorn sketch by Dreammaster Loki

Gruffudd Black's Unicorn sketch

or hangs masterpieces by her, other teachers and students.
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The Professor's "Obra Maestra". This is the only painting in the wall since her other paintings are back on her home in London.


Lyndsay Willis' sketch of Hogwarts.