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@mattyboy have you ever been laying in bed at night and just ponder your whole existence??? yeah i dont do that.

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Adrienne3 Percy


bf chat
matty has invited percy to the chat.
matty has changed percy's name to dorkface
matty: fitting name right?? lmao
dorkface: I think dorkface is better fitting for you than for me honestly :P
matty: dorkface 1 and dorkface 2
dorkface: I feel like we should get t-shirts now and wear them around town.
matty: like these??? [1] you'd look good in white :p
dorkface: Maybe you can get them for us ;) and that depends. Would I only be wearing the T-shirt? ;P
matty: well, you wouldn't have to wear the shirt~
dorkface: Only in your fantasies~ But maybe I can make one come true ;)
dorkface has changed dorkface's name to percy
matty has changed percy's name to qt
matty: now its really fitting
qt: Omg do you really think I’m that cute? Sometimes I think you want to just put me in a jar and keep me forever.
matty: but you wouldnt fit in a jar. i could kiss you forever tho <3
qt: Awe babe <3 You’re making me blush right now.
matty: duh, i make everyone blush
qt: Oh really? Well I hope you’re only making me blush because of your flirting.
matty: you know there are other reasons you blush because of me ;)
qt: Omg Matty! 😳 I swear is it your job to make me blush all the time?
matty has changed matty's name to charmer
qt: Of course you changed your name. I guess now both of our names are fitting ;3
matty: wait lol
charmer has changed percy's name to nervous gay 1
charmer has changed charmer's name to nervous gay 2
nervous gay 2: there we go :)
nervous gay 1: I can't be mad at you because it's the truth.
nervous gay 2: lmao
nervous gay 1: Babe can we go shppping? I want to get some new clothes for summer;-;
nervous gay 2: we can wear gay flag headbands :ooooo
nervous gay 1: Maybe we can even buy rainbow swimming trunks to go with our headbands? 🌈
nervous gay 2: bet u wanna see me in those trunks
nervous gay 1: 😳 Well yes of course, you have a great butt 😛 But I think you wanna see me in those trunks more.
nervous gay 2: daw bb, u know me 2 well ;)
nervous gay 1: Ofc I do! I've known you all my life<3 But also I know from experience ;)
nervous gay 2: oh, im quite familiar with those :)
nervous gay 1: :P When do you want to go shopping? I'm free basically any time since it's summer.
nervous gay 2: hmm doesnt matter u pick)
nervous gay 1: How about this weekend then? We can go to all the stores in Regent Street and Carkitt Market! :D