Wickermore's is a small chandlery shop located in Lincliff City that sells homemade candles, baskets, organic soap and other household decorations. The entire store smells like cinnamon and fresh cut wood.

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Calliope and Mordecai


Calliope SelwynFifth Year Gryffindor • Duelling Champion

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16 y/o
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Ever since she had lived in France, Calliope's taste for the finer things in life such as candles had only grown. Wickermore's had become her favourite candle hot spot; she could spend hours walking up and down the aisles inhaling the different scents and figuring out which candles she'd spend a small fortune on. Currently she was intrigued by a chocolate/rose scented candle.

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Mordecai Killian - Sixth Year Slytherin • The Muggled Pure-Blood • Legilimens

-"The worst part about being torn between two worlds, is that your heart's torn too."
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Mordecai was here looking for a decent present for his dad. It was his birthday in a few days and he had no idea what to get him until this morning. His Papa suggested the candles and Mordecai ran with it. He didn't have any other ideas anyway. With a small sigh, Mordecai picked up a cinnamon candle. Would he like that? No, Mordi remembers his dad thinking cinnamon is a gross smell that one time at Christmas. Then what would he like though? Ugh, this was so not his forte.