Hello! This is a little thing originally thought of by Livia and brought to life by Jaye. Overall, the concept is the same as the Wanted Character List, as are the rules.

  • Please owl the original owner before you create the character, they might be able to offer extra ideas or plans and after all, it's just polite to do so. Don't just create them without asking. And if they have specific ideas or rules they want the character to have, in order to fit in with their current characters, please stick to them.
  • Please don't write too much in the 'short description', just a few quick (couple of lines) summary of their personality or appearance if it's known, if not then leave it blank. More information can probably be found out by owling the suggested user. If it would take too long to explain here or you want to talk to them about it please put 'owl me'.
  • When putting who they'd be shipping with, try to link it if you know how and if it's a specific sexuality you're looking for, then please include it.
  • The information in this chart is about the pre-existing character (the first 2 columns) and about the character that is sought for (the following 2 columns) and lastly the user to contact if you're interested (last column).
  • When the character is made, please update the list and remove them, just to avoid confusion in the future.
  • Just try to be sensible and kind about it.


Significant other Preferred Gender Estimated Age Short Description/Requirements User To Owl
Morowa Akoto Male 16-17 Someone to help her deal with the trauma of her friends disappearing; Really understanding and patient; Funny Jinae
Kit Lich Female 21-25 Just someone who's loose and has a bit of a wild streak, but isn't crazy. Someone who also isn't afraid of animals, and can handle a busy lifestyle. Blue
Felicity Blake Male 27-30+ Someone who will love and appreciate her and who won't mind that she already has an adopted child. Someone who will be by her side and love her until the end of time. She really just needs someone to love her. Blue
Morrígan Talhaoui Female 30+ Someone who can appreciate Morrigan and not treat her different for her background or something else. Someone loyal, who can be there for her no matter what. Sophie
Irene Bonifacio Female 16-17 Someone ordinary, not special. Someone amusing. Someone honest. Sophie
Jennica Kempe Female 15-16 Someone who can stay strong for Jenni, even when she cannot. Someone who can understand her and what she's been through. Sophie
Princess Charlotte of Wales Male 15 - 18 All Charlotte wants is someone who she doesn't have to hide; someone she can rely on, have her lazy days with, but also be able to win over the crowd. (Probably someone childish, a jokster, but with actual aspirations.) Jaye
Princess Thyra of Windsor Male 17-19 She's moreso looking for someone to make a connection with as she has never loved before. She needs someone a little more on the noble side of life due to her royal heritage. Vic
Valkyrie Grimm Male 14-16 I was thinking maybe something along the lines of a love-hate relationship to spice things up. Maybe someone who will annoy her and get on her last nerve but still can manage to make her feel absolutely alive. Potentially a "bad" boy. Oh, and listening to her stories is crucial bc she's a Grimm. Vic