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Basic Information
Full Name: Victoria Gabriela Torres
Born: October 3
Age: 19
Status: Alive
Gender: Female (cis)
Species: Witch; Werewolf
Nationality: American
Ethnicity: Latina
More Information
Sexual Orientation: Bisexual
Romantic Orientation: Biromantic
Relationship Status: Single
Accent: Puerto Rican
Birthplace: Santurce, San Juan, PR
Native Language: Spanish
Languages Spoken: Spanish, Norwegian, Irish, English
Current Location: Backpackers Hostel
Magical Information
Blood Status: Half-Blood
Wand Wood: Tibetan Cherry
Wand Core: Graphorn Horn
Wand Length: 9"
Wand Arm: Right
Patronus: Wolf
Boggart: Kevin & Gustavo's joint disappointment in her
Exotic?: Werewolf
Schooling Information
Schooling: Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry
House: Gryffindor
Year: Alumna
Year Joined: First
Gryffindor Crest

Inspiring, talkative, persuasive, interesting, and people-oriented, Tori is never alone. She's a magnet for people of all kinds, and she never turns them away. She doesn't have to worry about being overlooked, at least not anymore - it's like she needs to friends around her. She's just that extroverted. Physical discomfort has proved to not bother her, as has been the case several times already. Though, honestly, going back for a moment, Tori is typically too active to be ignored. She's always on the move, always out and about, always doing something new.

Tori, like most other Gryffindors, can be defined by her dauntlessness, her desire for fame, and great exploits. It's not that She wants to be rich, per se, in the bratty I want everyone to know who I am way. She just wants to make a name for herself in her community. She wants to help people, contribute to the people that need it. She wants them to know who she is, and that they can count on her. It's what led to her making Backpackers Hostel. She wants to help people. She wants to make her world a better place. She strives to prove not every Gryffindor is conceited and reckless. She wants to prove everyone that yes, there are Gryffindors that value hard work and want to help in any way they can.

Tori is fiery. There's no denying it. She opens her mouth if she sees she has to, and she won't go down without a fight if she feels like you're wrong, in any way, shape or form. She isn't the subdued little girl she once was. Not anymore. While she doesn't exactly condone violence, she won't hesitate to throw a punch. She's fiercely protective of those around her and she isn't going to let anyone get away with any remarks or actions. She's loyal to a fault, and while that can sometimes prove to be problematic, there's yet to be a situation where her loyalties toward her friends put her in an uncomfortable situation.

Something about Tori is how, despite what she likes to say, she does seek validation. She constantly goes out of her way to prove herself. It's this small blip of insecurity that makes her feel as though one day her friends will wake up and realize she just isn't worth it anymore. She's very interested in proving that yes, she's worth it, no matter what it might seem like. She has her baggage and she knows it, but it's baggage not many know about, and with reason, too.


Victoria Torres is the oldest child of six, ahead of a twin by just minutes, a sister just ten or so months younger than her, twin brothers just three years below her, and a brother six and a half years younger than her. From a young age, she and Dani never really got along. What she had, Dani strove to take away. They lived in a constant competition that more often than not resulted in her mother siding with her sister and her father blindly following his wife. It caused a lot of strife in the family.

Back at elementary, Tori lacked friends. She was often teased and bullied, because she never really fit into the norm. She was always very outspoken, very rowdy, and the kids in her class just didn't like her. The name-calling and the laughing plagued her everywhere she went, and it only worsened when Dani and her were in the same class. It only led to her younger sister having everyone ignore her. No matter how often Dani got in trouble, the situation went on and on.

It was hard enough to grow up with a sister set out to destroy her, but when Sergio and Rebecca were born, things only got worse. Then again, she always did have a penchant for the dramatic. They were almost around four or so years old, she remembers, and they were crashing at their parents' bedroom. It was early in the morning when she'd bounced in, not bothering to regard her brother as she announced her presence happily and loudly. Her parents didn't take well to it when the twins woke up, beginning to cry. They'd been, at the time, sick, so it took a lot to get them to sleep through the night, let alone through the morning. Her mother scolded her, and that was when Tori snapped.

The TV in the room began to turn on and off repeatedly to the point that it just... exploded. It literally went up in flames. While her mother wanted to punish her - hell, she wanted to beat her ass - for what she had done, her father had understood - she had gained his late father's own magical abilities. The very same magical abilities he'd tried to flee from, and luckily didn't give to his own kids. He convinced Ana María to - rather than punish her - let it slide with a warning. They kept a closer eye on Tori whenever she was around her younger siblings, though, in the fears that she'd accidentally hurt him.

Tori always felt as though her family didn't care much for her. Despite her status as the oldest Torres, she became even more unreliable the moment her magic was discovered. They were wary around her and didn't trust her to be around her siblings without injuring them. Though her father was more lenient with her, her mother wasn't, and at the slightest sign of disturbance, Tori would be sent to her room and be forbidden from coming back out for hours on end. Whatever love and consideration her mother may have once held for her had disappeared the moment she realized what kind of girl her daughter was. A freak. It was ironic, though, because some time later, her siblings' own magic was revealed and coming back to bite Ana María in the ass.

It was a relief when Tori turned 11 and got acceptance for Castelobruxo and Ilvermorny, due to Puerto Rico's status as American territory and her own status as a latina. She wasn't the only one relieved, though. While she was escaping bullying and name-calling, for a better future, her parents were escaping a "problematic child". Her parents shared a talk and it was decided both Dani and Tori would attend Ilvermorny, as it offered a better chance for their eventual success. However, at the discovery of a school in England, reconsiderations had to be made (at Tori's own demand, as a matter of fact). She knew she had family in England, she knew she'd be better off far away from Dani - she wanted to escape her sister's horrors.

It was hard, but in the end, Tori was allowed to attend Hogwarts, where she was sorted into Gryffindor. It's been a hell of a ride, from her lack of friends until second year, to her bisexual awakening, to her first girlfriend, to a whole new group of friends - Hogwarts has been a ride she's glad she's taken. Admittedly it's had its downs, too, like with her becoming a werewolf and the abuse she and her youngest brother endured, but in the end, it's been worth it. She's better off there, than she's ever been with her family. Afterwards, though, news came to light - her father is coming, and he's not coming alone.

It was nearing the end of sixth year when The Three Broomsticks was held hostage. She was among the victims, although obviously not fatal. She confronted the terrorists as soon as she realized there was no peaceful way of resolving the problem; she morphed into a wolf and did as much damage as she could, bouncing from attacker to attacker and biting out all the flesh she could. She inflicted serious damage on them, but they got her, too. Her injuries were extensive and nobody was sure if she'd survive. She had a bad skull fracture, multiple broken bones and ribs, and her body was littered in bruises and scratches. She pulled through in the end, though, and was deemed a heroine. She struggled with mental, emotional and physical problems that came to light in the aftermath of that attack, while balancing her status as Head Girl, her responsibility to her house, as a sister, as a girlfriend, as as a cousin.

In the end, though, she was only partially successful. Tori and her girlfriend at the time - Brynja Skovgaard - broke up. Tori faced issues with alcoholism and couldn't bring herself to eat. This led to seeking help at Lil Bundles, after going through alcohol poisoning. She went for therapy sessions at least once a week, and was forced to delegate some of her responsibilities. Over time, she began to make progress. She stopped drinking, faced less and less PTSD fits, and found herself feeling lighter. It came to a point where things felt - well, normal. And then she began to fall in love with the one person that stuck with her through it all; Kevin O'Shay, her best friend since fifth year. She found out those feelings were reciprocated at the end of seventh year, but it was bad timing. He was being admitted to St. Mungo's for treatment for his anorexia. Tori's heart broke, since he was so close yet so far away, and turned to another way to cope with her issues: music. She's graduated now, and being encouraged to pursue her magic, she's slowly becoming more and more used to the idea that maybe - just maybe - she might be able to make something out of herself with these newfound abilities.

Model: Selena Gomez
Eye Colour: Brown
Hair Colour: Brown
Height: 5'7
Weight: Just enough to be healthy
Voice Type: Lyric Mezzo-Soperano
Distinguishing Marks: A faded bite on her thigh from the werewolf that bit her, a scar on her skull from the terrorist attack & a collection of scars from transformations.
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Father: José Torres
Mother: Ana María Torres
Full Siblings: Isabella, Daniella, Sergio, Rebecca & Gustavo Torres
Half Siblings: Unspecified
Guardian(s): N/A
Spouse: N/A
Children: N/A
Other Relatives: Her cousins, aunts & uncles
Name Meaning:
Nicknames: Tori, Vic, Lilo
Favourite Colour: Red, Gold & Black
Favourite Movie: Lilo & Stitch
Favourite Song: 1-800-273-8255, by Logic
Favourite Food: Arroz con queso & pechugas rellenas de quezo y tocineta
Favourite Drink: Mint Chocolate Milkshake
Most Important People: Gustavo Torres & Kevin O'Shay
Most Treasured Possessions: {{{Most Treasured Possessions}}}
Custom Trivia:
  • She's been sober for a year now.