With Alyssa having the new Minister for Magic Julius Tyrrell, Elmira Griffin is stepping down to give the position to somebody else. With no obvious replacement (and a short notice to when the teachers and head students must be chosen), we are having a selected council choose our next Headmaster or Headmistress for Hogwarts. From Monday the 2nd to Friday the 6th, we will collect our candidates for Hogwarts Headmaster, before they will be chosen sometime before Friday October 9th. If we don't have three or four candidates by Friday, we will push the time back until we have the required amount. The following week will be time for professors, heads of houses, head students, prefects, and quidditch captains to apply for all of their positions, before they are decided by the start of the following week.


All of the candidates, similar to the Minister for Magic and Chief Warlock, everyone must be thirty years of age or older. Obviously, they will need some sort of teaching or administration background. The user will have to be active and reliable, as well as non-bias as to rightfully choose head of houses and head students. We will probably look for about three possible candidates, but more is acceptable.


Currently, since we are behind on schedule, Ferlen Black (Bond em7) and Dunstan le Fey (JayeMalik’) will be reviewing applications and questionnaires sent in from the candidates. If need be, the Minister for Magic Julius Tyrrell (Alyssa5582) may be utilized as a tie breaker.


If you have any questions (and you might and that's okay), please comment down below or message me at my talk page. When you have a possible candidate, put their name, age, background in teaching or administration, and years of experience in the comments. Thank you!

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