no one does their summer homework at the beginning of summer.

I decided in February of this year that for my junior year, I'm going to take two AP classes and two Honors classes. I got left summer homework for three of them. Of course, I thought I had all the time in the world. But two days ago, I realized something. I'm going back to school in two weeks and I still haven't done my homework. not one thing.

I'm going to do two months of homework in two weeks.

I know I can do it, just need to focus on it all the time. So that means I'm taking a bit of a break from DARP. My plan right now is to divide my homework into parts by class and divide that class homework even more. In between class parts, however, I'll be allowing myself 30 minutes of break. In that 30 minutes, I might do anything, including being on DARP or working on theories in the Seventeen Murder Mystery. But even then I might only be posting on rps and doing quick edits and sorts. You'll probably be able to catch me in my evenings, though keep in mind that I'm in the PST time zone and after all, I still have a life outside of DARP.

I know I have a lot of rps, but please don't pester me to be posting all the time. I can at most guarantee at least one post per day, even more if I have the ideas to post and my other post partner posts in time during a break. However, I'll try my best to keep up, especially with the amount of work I have. I hope to return back to full activity soon, especially as more homework gets done.

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