Hello, guys!

I'm sure most of you have noticed by now the sharp decrease in activity these past few weeks, or maybe even months. While it's disheartening to witness it, this happens at least once every year. Hopefully, though, this episode is coming to an end soon! I've noticed, though, that without any activities to promote activity, it'd become increasingly harder for people to come back and continuously RP. In order to counterattack this, I was thinking about rebooting the Wizarding Wireless Network, and creating little companies for the characters here, such as Silencio Records (a music (please appreciate the irony of the name) label) and maybe even a sister TV network!

This would open job opportunities for existing and incoming characters alike, plus to be fair, it's also a great way to give some life to the entertainment industry in the IC world. That said, I was hoping to get input from all of you on what types of locations and/or events, plus anything and everything else you'd like to see be brought to life! The team (myself included) is currently working as hard as we can, circumstances considered, to promote activity, but any input you guys may have to offer would be thoroughly appreciated!

Happy Saturday, loves!

- jayemalik'