Department of Magical Law Enforcement


Alright, some of you may have guessed that something with the Auror Office was coming based off Jaye's previous blog which basically stated something would happen. Well... that thing has happened, and I need more help than the Aurors. Let me explain why.

The Attacks

There are going to be a series of four coordinated attacks which the Aurors will be briefed on shortly. The Auror Office has found out about these attacks from an Azkaban Prisoner who came forward with info to negotiate a reduced sentence. Or so he claimed. Really, he was supposed to get arrested so he could tell the Aurors on the day of the attacks. The attacks are coming from a blood-supremacist, anti-creature terrorist sleeper cell in magical London. As I said, there are four separate attacks which are as follow:

  1. A Hostage Situation: A group of four terrorists has taken The Three Broomsticks hostage and all those within it.
  2. A Straight-Up Attack: There will be a straight-up attack in Diagon Alley, i.e. the terrorists aren't out to take prisoners. They're out to kill and send a message. Three terrorists have taken this mission.
  3. High-Profile Abduction: Two terrorists are planning to abduct a high-profile American official who's here to have a meeting about what the two countries can do about anti-creature violence.
  4. Bomb: One solo terrorist has planted a bomb somewhere in Magical Britain where lots of people go through every single day. (It's in the Middle of Hogsmeade under a bench).

How You Can Help

Well first of all, if you have an Auror they will be called into action to go attend to these crises across magical Britain. Now, I know not everyone has an Auror, but you can still help, and I'll tell you how. The point and goal of these attacks is to instill fear in the magical populace, so after the fact, your characters can react however they will.

There are even more ways for your character to help as well! We need people to get hurt/killed in these attacks. We need people to get taken hostage in The Three Broomsticks. Usually, the victims of Auror Cases are left to be the Aurors and NPCs, but this time it's open to the user base. Three of the attacks have the possibility to have bystanders that are already created. That would be attacks 1, 2 and 4. (4 has the potential for victims if the Aurors fail). I will create a sign-up section on this blog, so leave a comment if you're interested. Include your character's name, which attack you want them in and if you're okay with them dying.


Once again, I'd like to thank you for taking the time to read the blog post and remember to leave a comment if you want your character in on this! (Owl me if you think your character might be part of the sleeper cell. We'll talk about having them be one of the bad guys).

Signing off,
Captain Carn
Pirate King
Head of the Auror Department
Adminstrator of the AI Department

Roster for the Attacks

Hostage Situation

Straight-up Attack

Bomb (if things go south)

How The Attacks Will Work

For the first and second attacks, the GM will post with a GM bubble and the terrorist talk bubbles every 24 hours. In between the 24 hour periods, the bystanders will have a chance to post. Try to limit the number of posts you make much as possible... as the GM will have to sift through all of them. If you want an angsty whispered bystander RP that won't affect the main RP, you can feel free to make your own section.

However, the other two situations are different. The third one is only between the Aurors and the GM (myself). That RP will be located at Le Cordon Magique.

The fourth RP is complex... because it may never happen. The bomb RP will only be created if the Aurors do not succeed in their mission and the potion goes off. Until that point, the Aurors assigned to that case will bounce over all sorts of RP pages as they investigate.

If you have further question, please feel free to leave a comment, send me an owl or PM me. I'd be happy to answer it.