Hogsmeade Pride 2017

right so what's happening?

There's been talks of a Pride occurring in Hogsmeade for a while now, but now we can confirm that it is happening! For two OOC weeks starting on the 1st July 2017, the pages of Hogsmeade will be temporarily redecorated to highlight their involvement in the event, and for the next fortnight, LGBT+ characters (and straight ones!) are invited to Hogsmeade to participate in activities, meet new friends and overall have a good time.

what's happening where?

Almost every location will be involved in Pride, unless the owners of the characters in charge of specific businesses are against it. NPC-ran locations will be automatically retouched and decorated, and have activities assigned to them.

  • Hogsmeade Grounds will be the main march! All characters are welcome to march down Hogsmeade with banners, paint and every colour flag under the sun. (Oh, and on the last few days, they'll be a big firework display here.)
  • The Three Broomsticks will hold a marketplace full of clothes, pins and whatever characters want to sell.
  • Jamie's Bar and Grille is totally holding a disco and a fashion show. Have the most fun here ;)
  • Honeydukes will be head-to-toe in flags and they'll be a 20% discount on Assorted Sour Strips.
  • Monde Irisé will be exhibiting only LGBT+ art, and all funds will go to LGBT+ charities.
  • Rouge Lips will be offering makeovers for Pride, including rainbow hair and makeup, so it's a good place to drop by before the march!
  • Die Blumenterrasse will be selling bouquets of Pride colours and will be decorated with every flag to show support.
  • The Spider's Web will be offering 30% off all meals and 10% off drinks that day, with live music included.

The Shrieking Shack and train platform are still open, so suggestions are welcome for their potential use!

can my characters join?

Pride, just like the real thing, is open to all sexualities for both characters and users. LGBT+ characters are welcome for the celebration and straight characters are welcome as allies.

Owners of different locations are welcome to either stay at their post or move around and meet other people.

i'm still not sure about something...

Feel free to ask! All the details are still not set in stone, but it's definitely going ahead. Any fun ideas or suggestions are more than welcome, don't be shy! And happy Pride, guys! I look forward to seeing everyone there. <3