Julius Tyrrell - -Former Minister for Magic

- "Do not go where the path may lead, go instead where there is no path and leave a trail."
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He smiled after the results of the election were announced. "Good evening, everyone!! I just wanted to say a quick, but big, thank you to everyone that helped get me to this spot. THank you for allowing me the chance to be your Minister for Magic. Together, we can truly make our nation a place for everyone. For those of you that had doubts, I hope I can change your mind over the next for years. To my opponents,I thank you for all the time and energy you put into your campaigns. I'm happy to have had been put against such dedicated and passionate people. Know that you are both always welcome in the Ministry and hope that we can better get to know each other. Again, thank you all. I look forward to our next four years."

Hello everyone! With Julius Tyrrell being elected as the new Minister for Magic, both he and I want to ensure that we have the correct people in place as Department Heads.. I want to make sure that the user that holds one of these positions is active and willing to do duties for the department so that we can make sure the Ministry can do it's job. So, as of now, all Department Head positions are now open, as well as the position of Senior Undersecretary.

Who can apply

All current Department Heads are encouraged to reapply their current characters and go through a fresh interview with Julius. For many of them, it'll just be a formality, as long as they've been properly doing their job and the user can show that they will be active and do things for the department on a regular basis. But, new applicants are also welcome! All users are welcome to apply their characters for any of the positions on the Ministry of Magic Roster, except for Auror Head. All applicants should be around the ago of 25. All that apply will go through an interview, and the best person for the job will be selected.


If you either want to reapply a current head, or apply a new character, please do so one the registration page with which postion your would like(providing multiple options might make it easier to place people). Current heads can apply for their current department, but they can also apply for others as well, if they desire a change. Once we have a decent amount of applicants, the Minister will start interviewing candidates. Please, if you apply, make sure your character has some sort of knowledge in the area of the department(s) they are applying for..If they don't, they're not going to make it very far.

Job Duties

Department Heads will be responsible for the day to day operations within their department. Users should be actively rping them intereacting with their employees and giving them jobs to do. They should have a vision for the department, both short and long term goals. They are also responsible for interviewing applicants for their department after  their initial application is approved by the Minister. Department Heads may also be given specific tasks and goals by the Minister. If a user fails to actively rp the duties of the department head, they will be replaced.

If you have any questions, please let me know! I hope that once we get all of the departments active and running, the Ministry will be a fully operating body. :)