Secruity Council

President of Magic

President John Richards (User:Zanzan28)

Vice President of Magic

Annalise Van Dyon (User:Lilly Lovegood(2))

Secretary of State

Amy Cartwright (User:Alyssa5582)

Secretary of Defense

Cymbelestine Arenja (User:Mistelm)

National Secruity Advisor

Dylan Miller (User:Bryans1008)

The House

Speaker of the House

Kathrine Goodwin - (User:Bond em7)

Black House Staff

Head of Black House Secruity

Steve Johnson(User:Captain Pikachu)

Personal Assistant to the President of Magic

Diana Dawson (User:TemptingTemptress)


Director of the CIA

Mary Moor (User:Dduffurg48)

Deputy Director of the CIA

? (User:Echostar)

Science and Technology Department

Executive Doctor of the Science and Technology Department

Dr. Cedric Davis (User:LittleRedCrazyHood)