Twyla Montgomery
first year gryffindor | omen of misfortune

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Twyla Montgomery is a she-devil in disguise as a charming young lady, unable to contain her desire to cause mayham and chaos in her wake. She is a dangerous little creature with a sweet tooth for pranks and settling scores and never seems to know how to react appropriately to serious situations. Despite her twin brother's good nature and idealistic morals, Twyla is a cold contrast. Rather than investing the time to get close enough to know someone, she somehow believes that the gap between two people is a safe zone that is meant to be left untouched. However, she is clever and crafty and putting on an affectionate front isn't all that exhausting in the long run. Hell, maybe she even likes it.

After her mother's death, Twyla secretly carries a lot of pain and survivor's guilt. She is traumatized after witnessing her mother literally explode and oftentimes exhibits barely hidden signs of depression and sadness. However fleeting her compicated emotions seem to be, that doesn't stop her from striving for a wild lifestyle and can often be caught tag-teaming on the student body with Peeves or jumping from magical staircase to staircase. Not to mention she is literally the most petty human being ever and has a plan to duct tape a yardstick to the top of _____ Tower so that it will be an entire foot higher than _____. At the end of the day, her true personality shines through when it comes to her twin brother and she would literally jump through a flaming hoop to save him. He means the world to her and would much rather sacrifice someone else to make sure he's alright.


Coming from a family that belonged to the Sacred Twenty Eight didn't always come with merits, especially if your family was all about pureblood status and the view point that muggles, half-bloods and creatures were beneath them. The Black family rejected Ethel Black for being pregnant with a half-blood child and cursed her with Maledictus, which spread through her blood and made her sick and frail. Ethel died by the age of twenty five and Edith, her infant child, was taken care of by her muggle father and lived a pretty normal life without the Black family's influence. Edith discovered the love of her life while attending Hogwarts and married a pureblooded wizard by the name of Bartholomew Montgomery. They had two children and never really showed signs of inheriting the bloodborne curse. Alice Montgomery was a little less fortunate and began showing the signs of malediction from an early age while Jasmine seemed relatively fine.

Alice didn't date or even entertain the notion of flirting with a male until after she had graduated school. She managed to score a job in the Department of Mysteries and had a fling with a wizard from another department. Her pregnancy was unexpected and quite frankly, a death sentence in the eyes of Mungo's staff. The malediction had rendered her too weak to have a child - so the discovery of being pregnant with twins alarmed both parties. By some crazy fortunate, Alice survived and so did both her children; a male and female who she named Felix and Twyla. Entirely happy, she only felt a shred of fear for her children's future health - knowing full and well that the blood malediction wasn't eliminated yet.

Twyla's childhood was pretty normal and her mum was amazing when it came to raising them alone. She recalls a time when she believed her mum was a superhero on top of being a witch, her ability to juggle twins and a job with a blood malediction was extraordinary. By the age five, Alice had recruited her younger sister Bethany to move in and help with the children. Sadly, tragedy struck when two dark wizards broke into her home and used a curse to blast her mother. Twyla had witnessed everything through the crack of her door and Bethany was helpless to stop them from escaping. With aurors unable to catch a lead in her sister's death, young Bethany was forced to take legal care of the twins and life got hard again. If it hadn't been for Bethany, both Twyla and Felix may have turned out worse.

By age six, Twyla had already shown her magical abilities by accidentally killing an entire garden of flowers outside. She was seven years old when Felix grew very ill and had to stay at Mungo's while she was left to feel uncomfortable by his lack of presence at home. Felix was eventually released when he was eight, which was right around the time she too discovered she had been born with the same illness as her mother and brother. Having not exhibited any signs like Felix, they discovered she had a rare form that caused a sort of mutation and would eventually turn her into a creature or animal. The process would be slow so Hogwarts wouldn't interfere too much and wigh the life they had, Bethany really wanted them to both get out and have a normal life. Eleven year old Twyla, despite the struggles she has internally, is entirely excited for a fresh start.


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