twyla montgomery
first year ravenclaw

At the beginning of her life, she was born into a world of chaos and disruption that led to many sleepless nights and a very angry little Twyla. But her sister remained a staple in her life and tethered her to the ground when the weight of her parent's death began to press down on her. From a young age, she was aware of the reality that happened to Alannah and James and while it unsettled her and caused her moods to become erratic, she soon learned to let go. She learned valuable lessens even from an early age and the amount of tension and stress in her life led to certain social abnormalities. Instead of going outside to play like the other child, she much preferred to stay inside the comfort of her home and read. It was like Twyla was mentally ahead of herself and didn't quite fit her physical age. As time went on and and with the support of her older sister, Twyla begun to come out of her shell.

Twyla Montgomery is definitely still a bookworm, with a soft spot for anything artistic and a obsession with poetry. From a young age, writing poems and reading them had offered her an escape and an outlet for overwhemling emotions. Surprisingly, Twyla got really good at poetry and even won awards when she was ten years old. The move from America to London has been very weird on Twyla and she really doesn't know what to do about the prospect of having to make friends at Hogwarts. But aside from her social problems, one you get past that shy outer shell, Twyla is a secret trickster with a knack for terrifying and terriorizing those she loves. It takes a while for her to trust anyone but when she does, she remains a very loyal and kind friend that brings a little flare of weirdness to life.


There once was a pure and noble bloodline in which bred inventors and master craftsmen, doctors and scholars and above all else, the creation of the infamous love potions. That family, once esteemed and wealthy with pedigree and respect had been tainted by the branches of a different family tree. Alannah de Montmorency was a shockingly beautiful young lady with a heart of pure gold that she had never expected to bargin in the future for real gold. James Avery was scut of the earth in the eyes of his peers accompanying a series of straying, greedy fingers. He was untrustworthy and downright manipulative but somehow, his cockiness caught the attention of a rather vain Alannah who unwittingly fell head over heels. Their love affair sparked hatred among Alannah's kin, who turned up their nose at the prospect of a street rat weasling into their ranks and had even attempted to stomp him out with various "accidents" that never seemed to work. James and Alannah got engaged without the permission of her parents and were ultimately disgraced for their actions against the de Montmorency's better judgement.

James and Alannah moved from London to America, taking up refuge in a small, dingy apartment located deep within the heart of the Las Vegas' slums. They made a livig by pitpocketing and breaking into homes, stealing just about anything that had worth on the market or gambling away their profits. While the income was perfect for the two of them, times became stressful when they learned that Alannah was pregnant with his child. Small scale theivry turned into heists and eventually, after the birth of their first daughter Lilith, transitioned into a warrent for their arrest. The couple and their newborn fled from Las Vegas and wound up in New York. Life was a little easier with the help of their dirty money but raising Lilith in their reality of life was troublesome. It was a lot harder to hide the truth for the small child and when she was ten years of age, Alannah surprisingly got pregnant again. The stress of another child caused chaos and the pair began to panic about what they were going to do to support another baby. James, out of sheer desperation, went to a loan shark for some cash to pay for all the baby's neccessities.

Alannah gave birth to another little girl in which she named Twyla, because her eyes sparkled like the stars. As time went on and James attempted to find a real job to make end's meet and pay back the loan shark, threats by the man became apparent. The harsh reality of dealing with shady business men led to the murder of both Alannah and James. While no leads could be found, Lilith and Twyla were put into the custody of a grouchy old goblin who they learned used to be an old family friend and their legal godfather. Despite seeming reluctant to raise the girls, Kizeel always supplied them with food and money to suit their every needs. In the end, they learned to love the old grouch.

With all the stress of her parent's death and ongoing investigation, eight year old Twyla erupted with emotion and split her bedroom door straight down the middle. It took time for her to sort through how she felt and learned to escape through reading and poetry. The girls remained in his custody until Lilith graduated and gained a job at the Magical Congress of the United States and worked her way through the ranks to become the Director of Magical Law Enforcement. They legally changed their last name from de Montmorency to Montgomery to elude the dark history of their parents and tried to live a normal, happy life. Twyla, now eleven years old and ready to attend school was shocked to learn that instead of attending Ilvermorny, she would spend her first year at Hogwarts while Lilith was in London on business. Now she is enrolled into the first year and very nervous to see what Hogwarts has to offer.

Basic Info
Full Name Twyla Imogen de Montmorency Montgomery
Nickname Twy
Birthday April 5th
Age Eleven
Nationality American
Home New York
Status Single
Sexuality Unknown
Location Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry
Gender Female
Year First
Titles Aspiring Poet
House Ravenclaw
Species Witch
Family Blood Pure-Blood
Wand Core Dragonheart String
Wand Wood Aspen
Wand Arm Right
Boggart Lilith dying
Patronus Artic Fox
Model Lilly Kruk
Gender Femame
Eye Color Blue
Hair Color Black
Height 4'3
Voice Soft and Quiet
Body Style Petite
Mental/Emotional State
Mental/Emotional Disorders
Physical Disorders
Fam & Gen
Mother Alannah de Montmorency
Father James Avery
Sister(s) Lilith Montgomery
Character Flaw
Personal Motto
First Reaction to Crisis
Faces Their Problems
React to Change
Native Language



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