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Trophy Room
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The Trophy Room is a room on the third floor of the Hogwarts Castle. Awards, trophies, cups, plates, shields, statues, and medals are kept in crystal glass displays in this room. This room also contains a list of Head Boys and Head Girls. Prominently displayed are Hogwarts Awards for Services to the School, with known recipients being Tom Marvolo Riddle, Harry Potter and Ron Weasley. Most likely, in 1995, the Triwizard Cup was placed here as well. The Trophy Room is connected to an Armour Gallery. A portrait of Brutus Scrimgeour hangs on one of the walls, hiding a passageway to the Fourth Floor Secret Passage.



Basti and Olan

Bastian Park 2
basti park-zelmerlöw - ravenclaw 5th year • true prince • bvb fan • prefect

-echte liebe.
Message Me  - 01:32, April 26, 2017 (UTC)

It felt weird being back. He's only been here a year, and already it seems like he's been here all four years. He settles into a corner, getting ready to start on some homework - better to start habits now than to procastinate later.

Olan Lui - Gryffindor 6th Year 🐷 Gryffindor Beater 🐷 Deaf

-Cooking Is Like Painting Or Writing A Song. Just As There Are So Many Notes or Colours, There Are Only So Many Flavours - It's How You Combine Them That Sets You Apart.
Message Me – 02:14, April 26, 2017 (UTC)

Olan couldn't help but be within the near quite trophy room, softened clay in one of his hands, while The other touching the metal of the different trophies. People would wonder why he touched rather then read what was written on the plaques. One of his many thoughts being that life's achivements really meant nothing when you passed on, unless you became a ghost of course.

He pushed these thoughts away, before leaning against a stand, without thinking, which came crashing to the ground rather loudly. Not being able to hear he assumed he had pushed it away from himself slightly, but that didnt seem to be the case. Though he didn't look to see and instead walked away.

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