Kessler Cottage

Kessler Cottage
Kessler Cottage is not Hogwarts Castle, and it is most definitely not the dungeons one Trinity Mercutio became so fond of. What it is, is her home, The Kessler family are Trinity's father Peirce's (maternal) family, the magical family he disgraced when he was born a Squib. Back at ol' Hoggy's Trinity could be found in the depths of the Dungeons, always somewhere past the Slytherin Common Room. No different now then it was then, she could usually be found in her room. As much as living with Peirce may simulate what some people think of when they imagine a dungeon, it does not instil the same feeling of home that drafty old castle's dungeon was able to.
Trinity - the window

Trinity's Room

Trini Merc bedchair

If you happen to fall asleep in Trinity's room Trinity allows you to fall asleep in her room there is a very good chance you will sleep in this chair. It does not look very comfortable but it is also a bed so it is not what it seems.

Trini Merc Desk

Trinity's workstation, considering she does not care much for reading or writing anything that isn't slanderous or negative in some way this tends to go unused. Until of course those moment when she is plagued by something, be it an emotion, or perhaps a some stroke of genius the must be expressed.

Trini Merc bed

She could be considered lazy, she hates to be called that as her father has called her that, and no longer by her name. She does enjoy lounging in her bed, It is so comfortable she is often late for a number of previous engagements because she didn't feel like getting out of bed.

There are quite a few goodies kept in this little drawer. Not just snacks, but also a few vaguely laid out plans she has cooked up in her years away. Most of it written in code so that if someone were to see it they wouldn't have slightest clue what is written.


Archive 1


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