Thornhill Estate
London Coven Headquarters


Thornhill Estate is owned by Narkissa Vulpe, the leader of the London Coven. The mansion sits atop a hill just past the shrieking shack in Hogsmeade and is home to various vampires, both half and full and serves as a safe haven to all their members. While being multi-functional as a living space, a secret underground lair is located through the basement and is where most meetings take place. You are unable to invite guests without permission and trespassers will be reprimanded.




Micah and Narkissa

Micah WB!

Micah had been to Thornhill Estate enough times now that it was almost like a second home. He knocked a few times just to signal that he was there before opening the door slowly and peeking his head in. "Narkissa? Are you here?" He asked as he continued to step inside of the estate.



Home Hufflepuff Year Alumni
Timer 22 y/o Person Half-Vampire
Clip Model Relationship Dating Harrison

Narkissa Vulpe - pureblood vampire ✧ owner of carkitt market ✧ leader of the london coven

- "Sometimes I'm terrified of my heart; of its constant hunger for whatever it wants. The way it starts and stops."
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Narkissa sat in the hall with a bucket and a cloth, carefully wringing it out just as Micah called for her. "Micah," she called as she took the cloth to the blood-stained wall. "I'm in the hall. Come on in!" She began scrubbing at the dried blood, the smell of bleach assaulting her sensitive senses.

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