Wikia DARP - Rookery Withdrawing Room ceiling

If anything were needed to fanfare the family's distaste for company, then the use of this complete archaism to designate the only place into which visitors have been allowed in the last century would surely trumpet their abhorrence. The "Withdrawing Room" is generally well named, since within moments of six of the last eight guests' arrivals (prior to 2015), Arcturus has quit the room without announcement or apology, not to return for the duration of their stay. The last two generations of Rookous, prior to Arcturus, can be found in formal portraits, austerely overseeing events here.

Wikia DARP - Rookery Withdrawing Room

This is the only part of the residence to which the house elves might admit Ministry officials, or similarly impressive visitors, without the family's express instruction. For those who fail to take the hint, the obvious lack of seating should indicate that they are not expected to remain here, nor is their return joyously anticipated.

All of that having been said, the recent regular use of this room has caused Acturus to instruct the house elves to add two individual chairs and a two-person sofa to the furniture here. Archie has zero interest in this room, and has, as a point of principle, never set foot here. There are, seemingly, some Mater and/or Pater issues entailed.

The dust covers have been on for some time now.


Roleplay (no hawkers or riff-raff - the Lord of the Manor is a registered Animagus)

Draco Rookwood – Durmstrang/Hogwarts
TALK – 19:44, December 26, 2016 (UTC)
*He saunters in, kicking off his shoes as he comes and performing an NV Accio on his slippers. Draco grabs a decanter of 21 year-old Glenlivet firmly by the throat, and wonders idly if he should be checking up on WASA.*

Draco Rookwood – Durmstrang/Hogwarts
TALK – 14:02, February 25, 2017 (UTC)
*This time it's a simple prune juice that swirls in the tumbler, as Draco gazes moodily into its depths, uncertain of what he's looking for or if he'd even know it if he saw it.*

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