The section straight-ahead from Cavern Two.

The cavern has a set of bunkbeds set into the wall far enough away that the roar of the water is merely a background noise. It also has other furniture, a couch, armchair, and dresser. There's a small door set into one of the walls, that when opened reveals a large opulent modern bathroom. On top of the dresser is a picture of Caecey, and another picture of another girl right beside it. Though Arcturus has said it hasn't been used in 30 years, it is apparent from the newer comforter on the bed, along with the modern clothes in the dresser, it has probably been used more recently than that. One might guess it's only been abandoned for about year or two. Inside the dresser are some boy's clothes, a few pairs of swimming trunks, and some t-shirts.

Wikia DARP - Rookery Waterfall bunk beds



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