The focal nexus of earth energies. Whether simply to meditate and gather strength, or to endeavour a forging of some kind, this cave offers a balmy atmosphere - in either sense. A few scattered shards suggest Arcturus I was here shortly before his demise.


Roleplay (here, at the epicentre)

Disgusted Nott by periwinkle blue Arcturus Rookou ghost

Arcturus Rookou Noble Slytherin
-"Blood above all - back when I had any"

 – 17:48, May 21, 2016 (UTC)

*He's not sure quite how, but he's making the most of the fact that he seems to have slipped the leash binding him to Iz, for now, and wanders the cavern examining (visually) every fragment left behind by his grandfather's apparent visits to this place.*

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