Proceed further if you must, through The Greengrass Rookery ...

The Den

Tulula's Nook
The staple of the Lady's den, the room is designed as a Gathering Room. In truth, Tulula just likes to be comfortable at any and all times and the room is actually her hive. There room has endless zones that appear to be tables or portraits but are actually lists and drawers or cupboards. She keeps track of Dark Wizardry, information that is know and that which is suspected. Much like an Auror she keeps her own continuously updated versions of Daily Prophet clippings, some of it is labeled with Ancient Ruins or a text legible to few. Being that she is now tied to a family known to be a part of the group she does her best to see just how close they are to trouble.



Suite - Studio Gallery

If a picture is worth "A thousand words" it should be no wonder why she would immerse herself in the arts. She is not much of a painter, but she is quite a Sculptress and a former dancer. In the absence of Prophet work and being needed by her children Tulula has taken to sculpting very large pieces of art work that eloquently express her inner frustrations. The first fifty or so sculptures were visually disturbing, they were destroyed by the Lady herself and then used in the creation of the second fifty. These were much more detailed and it was obvious that few of them may actually be people. Tulula has sculpted hundreds of sculptures, the ones deemed viewable can be seen throughout the home. The ones that Tulula is most fond of stay in this room, the most prominent of which flank the inside of the entry doors and look suspiciously like the four Rookou's Arcturus, Caecey, Ciaran, and Tulula.


Suite Dance Studio - Impossible dream

Just beyond the doors connecting the studios lies Tulula's dance studio. Lined with mirrored walls to make sure her lines are as they should be, and what they once were. Tulula is not the graceful young girl she was many years ago. She does still retain the incredible agility she was known for even in her age, due in part to her time spent practicing here. On occasion when frustrated with herself she will return to the art studio "blow off some steam" by literally destroying one of her sculptures and go back to dancing or retreat to the den and cure what ails her playing her frustrations out properly with music.

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