Wikia DARP - Rookery Stables area

Stables entrance

This is the area which, only half in jest, Ciaran used to refer to as "No Man's Land". Arcturus has, in point of fact, never crossed the threshold in his lifetime, and sees no reason for this to change. It is, indeed, one of the very few indisputable 'Archie' and his 'forebear' have in common. The weird, part-Fey troglodyte creatures which now tend to this building and call it "ugh" are the result of generations of inbreeding, and, Ciaran suspected, bizarre rituals plausibly involving equine gods.

Wikia DARP - Rookery Stables and horse

One of the horses

The house elves, however, have reached some kind of "accommodation" with them, and on the rare occasions they've been brave enough, such as when Arcturus destroyed Ciaran's wing, have taken refuge here from the, for them, clearer madness roaming loose in the main building.

Wikia DARP - Rookery Stables back door

Back door

There is, however, an intrinsic weave of magic built into the fabric of the building, such as it is, a natural rhythm to the flow of energies within this microcosm. From this has emerged the race of current inhabitants.

Ground Floor

Generations of tackles, saddles, bridles, hard hats and riding accoutrements can still be found here.

First Floor

This includes such straw mattress sleeping quarters as there are here.


Archive 1

Roleplay (for those of iron constitution, and boots, possibly, around the doors)

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