Gruff's House Elf
This poor soul appears to have been named in mockery of the fact that it is always her "turn", whatever the horrendous duty called for, although it is possible, given the Rookou "sense of humour", that there is some connection with, or corruption of, "tureen" intended.

She arrived in the wake of the massacre by Fortuna, and therefore does not share Ginger and Hebath's personal recollections of that terrible night, although she has heard the tale often enough, and with every detail, so that it gives her nightmares too. Turen has, given these nocturnal tortures, her natural clumsiness, and schlimazel tendencies, ample cause to drink, and this she often does, to the dismay and disgust of her fellow house elves, who, in order to keep her alive and in one piece, cover for her.

Without constant harassment by the family, she is slowly moving away from her dependance on the bottle.

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