Hebath awaiting his next order

Hebath is the oldest surviving house elf currently in Rookou service, and, indeed, the longest-lived (at 27 years of age and counting) for over 150 years. He is amazingly circumspect, for a house elf, not given, due to casual tortures inflicted by Abraxas when he was young, to making unnecessary utterances, and in most manners the antithesis of the bubbly Dobby. His spirit hasn't, quite, been broken, but is beaten down, and downtrodden, and it is extremely unlikely, after this existence, that he could ever adequately adjust to any true transformation in his regime, even if the winds of changes should ever get up the guts to blow through the Rookery.

Hebath is, however, somewhere deep inside, a tiny bit proud of his current master, who dreams more strongly than the ones before, and encompasses everybody who counts in that dream. Hebath, if he understood the concept, would probably be a willing slave, but as his opinion has never been solicited, or even developed, he just does, without a notion of non-compliance, whatever the family commands of him. He does, however, remember, and in his unconnected moments of quiet, pull out and polish up, the "Magpie's Nest" comment, and when compelled to a night's drudgery in the "Art Room" or similar, this is his internal beacon.

Fortuna got round the whole "losing servants by presenting them with clothes" issue by forcing them to magic up cloth, and then beating them until they learnt to sew flawlessly themselves.

"Archie" is to be avoided, whenever possible without breaking his oath of service. Iz should not be acknowledged - unless Master Draco is present, of course.

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