Ginger is the second oldest surviving house elf currently in Rookou service, at 19 years of age.She has got a lot of patience, as that is needed to be a house elf, let alone a Rookou house-elf. She obeys orders without question, as she knows that if she doesn't, pain in some form will be waiting for her.

To house-elves, Ginger is a beacon of hope, being the only house-elf whose somehow infinite spirit has not been flattened by the generations of Rookous. This is probably because her spirit is put into everything she does to serve the Rookous. Her spirit encompasses all the house-elves', so she could lend you some and she'll have loads left.

Ginger is now rather scared of clothes, if not being worn by family members, after "The Abraxas Episode", going near her, but she doesn't express this, and tries not to show it.


Ginger House-Elf, Serving the Rookou Family
-"As you say."

 – {{{1}}}

"H-Hello." she stutters. "I-I think Mistress Caecey is calling me." It is clear she is trying to avoid you.

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