Rookou Stadium

From the days when there were four young Rookou males and an equally "survival of the fittest" sister constantly jostling one another for dominance and domain, there is, about a mile from the house on the way to the Puisseat, a full sized Quidditch Pitch and stadium. It sat overgrown and unused for almost thirty years until, in her early teens, Caecey rediscovered it.

Various illusory charms of a permanent nature were placed upon it, to simulate the effect and atmosphere, even the presence, of a large, vocal crowd of spectators. As is traditional for Quidditch Pitches, it has a Muggle Repelling charm on it, and this ward has several nasty side effects for non-magical folk, courtesy of Misrada. There is also a permanent standard Disillusionment charm in place, causing it to blend in with the hills and valleys around.

The Broom Sanctuary


Roleplay (preferably with a Quaffle in hand)


Hebath The Rookery
-"As you say."

 – 20:27, October 23, 2012 (UTC)

*Hebath Apparates out here, to do some rudimentary maintenance and upkeep on the place, now that Mistress Caecey is back.*

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