Wikia DARP - Rookery meat pantry

Meat pantry

These adjoining rooms, though used only by the house elves, are kept as spotless as the family's areas, since, on one memorable New Year's Eve, Fortuna (Arcturus' "Mater") stumbled down here, somewhat the worse for having consumed an entire bottle of Veuve Cliquot '34, and tripped over a broom, twisting her ankle. She proceeded to torture to death four of the six house elves then in residence, and only stopped when Abraxas pointed out that they would have to purchase new servants somewhere if she didn't leave a breeding pair. Of course, the two survivors (Syrah and Hebath) were so traumatised by the experience that they had no inclination to breed anyway, and new house elves had to be purchased.

Wikia DARP - Rookery preserve pantry


There are separate kitchens for family meals and (long-unused) entertaining, as well as another for snacks and similar, since Arcturus is a firm believer in elevenses and high tea at four. There is even a specific dessert pantry, with its own adjacent preparation area. The game pantry is extremely well-stocked, and compartmentalised, as when the mood strikes, Arcturus can instantly demand that his meat is both well-aged and smoked, at the least.

Wikia DARP - Rookery pantry prep area

Prep area

From the days when there was a remote possibility of "magically less talented souls", one might say, being invited here, the Withdrawing Room, Dining Room and the oldest two wings (Ciaran and Caecey's) all have communications tubes linked to this area, allowing them to bespeak meals or snacks at their whim. A newly-discovered trapdoor in the floor of the Meat Pantry, leads down into an even larger, extremely chilled area, now termed "Iz's Pantry". From the labelling of the shelves it seems to have housed huge quantities of tropical fruit as well as numerous pheasants and whole boar. One whole shelf layer was given over to relishes and sauces. In the wake of the recent "repurposing", it has direct "feeding tubes" to the Waterfall Cavern and Converted Barn.



Archive One

Roleplay (Generally only house elves)


Hebath The Rookery
-"As you say."

 – 21:48, October 24, 2012 (UTC)

*Hebath feels the creeping chaos of the ever-expanding family, and fears, in his unformed manner, the devil he doesn't know. If he dared, he would sabotage the new tubes down to the Waterfall and Barn, but as it is he has just enough pluck to drag his feet - a little - on their construction.*

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