Rookery floor plan
Rookery floor plan
This is a layout of the complete buildings and grounds of the Rookery (those parts known to all inhabitants - an (s) for secret indicates otherwise, an (fs) that it was formerly secret). Everything beyond the Puisseat is accessible only through the magics of that place. Due to a serious psychic hiccup, there is currently no Laird.

The Rookery itself

Rookery front view

The Rookery in the days when Giants were employed as grounds' security

Main Building

Entrance Hall

Withdrawing Room

Dining Room


Servants' Quarters

Ginger's Room
Hebath's Den
Turen's hovel

Wine cellars

Basement (s)

Arcturus' Wing

Ground Floor

First Floor

Portrait Gallery


Armour Room

Bodyguard's Room (fs)

Secret Serpents' Sanctuary (s)

Second Floor

The Greengrass Greenhouse (ballroom)

The Wreck Room

The Original Salon

The Orchid

Third Floor

Master Bedroom

Fourth Floor


Fifth Floor (Attics)

Tulula's Wing

The Greengrass Rookery

Ground Floor

The Family Room

The Study

Tulula's escape route

First Floor

Tulula's Studio - Sculpture

Tulula's Studio - Dance

Tulula's Hive

Second Floor

Beautification Chamber

friendly area (Second floor den)

the Lady's Den

Third Floor

Master Bedroom

Fourth Floor


Caecey's Wing




Swimming Pool

The Dojo

Practice Room

Caecey's Experiment Room

Underground (s)

Ciaran's Wing

The Lion King Just can't wait to be king HD03:35

The Lion King Just can't wait to be king HD

Ciaran's once upon a long ago ambition

Ground Floor

First Floor

Second Floor

Third Floor

Fourth Floor


Underground (s)




Meeting Room

Training Area - not literally underground



Gardens of Palace-of-Versailles-Paris Wallpaper yvt2


Ground Floor

First Floor

Dower House

Ground Floor

The Company Room

First Floor

Second Floor

The Waterfall Cavern

Celine Dion - Water From The Moon ( music video HQ )04:15

Celine Dion - Water From The Moon ( music video HQ )

Misrada's feelings (unexpressed)

Cavern One

Cavern Two

Cavern Three

Cavern Four

Cavern Five

Cavern Six

Cavern Seven

Cavern Twelve (s)

Converted Barn

Octavia's Bedroom

Escher Room (s)

Living Room


The Visitors' Room

Blacksmith's Cottage


Ground Floor


Old Water Mill

The Weaving Sheds

Ginger's Cabin

Hebath's Cabin


Quidditch Pitch


Rookou Stadium

The Broom Sanctuary

The Puisseat

Puisseat Pursuit

The Complex of Chambers (s)

Oneiromancer's ontology

Shades' Congress

Chaos Chamber

Leyline Hub

The Factory That Would Have Been (s)

The Windmill As Was

The Mines of Maybe

The Gryphon's Gage

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