Whilst a visitor might see this part of the house, it would only be when being harried (cautiously) by the house elves towards the Withdrawing Room. It is, like practically everything else here, impressive in an overstated way, and indeed could itself provide fodder for a Freudian PhD dissertation, but beyond the family, few spend more than moments here.

In order to ensure, therefore, that the fleeting onlookers should be aware entirely of those with whom they have to deal, Abraxas had the family motto emblazoned in a glowing carmine hue up the steps of the Main Staircase, and, for good measure, in green on a black background on a banner at the top. The wording is "Sangenus super omnia", wordplay in Latin by a self-professed wit of the 16th century, Barnabus Ephraim Trelawney Rookou, who created a sort of portmanteau of "sanguis", which is literal blood and also power, and "genus" which is birth and type, and therefore blood. The translation would thus be, in essence, "Blood above all".

This motto has, quite comprehensibly, led the very few who've seen it, and the many more who've heard about it, to conclude that the family has vampiric roots, although the official genealogies and records kept do not in any manner support this hypothesis.

On the off-chance that there are stragglers, or visitors do somehow manage to linger here, the area was built with a "Laird's Lug" design, a collection of discreetly concealed tubes funnelling all conversation, with remarkable clarity, into the one-time study, now "records room", directly above. Anyone so inclined can sit in the high-backed chair still placed in the middle of this room and absorb the entirety of what is being said below.

Despite the hidden nature of the tubes, however, there is something in the air here which speaks to the remotely sensitive of an oppressive observation.


Roleplay (Sangenus super omnia)

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