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This echoing, extensive, draughty refectory of a dining hall is built along the same massive lines as the rest of the building, although no more than five seats have ever been filled at any one time. In fact, when the house elves came down with Dragon Pox, the family did the "Alice in Wonderland Tea Party" routine for two weeks, leaving a putrid wake of unwashed dishes behind them. There are a grand total of 72 places permanently set, and constantly refreshed by the overworked staff, with ornate seats which are moved, religiously, two inches to the left or right in the aftermath of each meal, in order to create the illusion of use.

Two of the chairs near the head of the table were designed to slot together and massively reinforced. With the discovery of the room which belonged to Arcturus I's bodyguard, this mystery has been solved. The tables interlock as well, allowing for all manner of reconfigurations and patterns.


Roleplay (family members only, unless specified otherwise)

Wikia DARP - Arcturus Rookou in the grounds of the Rookery

Arcturus Rookou Noble Slytherin
-"Blood above all"

 – 01:04, October 29, 2012 (UTC)

*Arcturus wanders through here humming, uplifted by the fact that he's managed at least one family dinner.*

Wikia DARP - Arcturus Rookou in the grounds of the Rookery

Arcturus Rookou Noble Slytherin
-"Blood above all"

 – 15:34, November 2, 2012 (UTC)

*Arcturus' elevenses are consumed in a contemplative silence.*

Disgusted Nott by periwinkle blue Arcturus Rookou ghost

Arcturus Rookou Noble Slytherin
-"Blood above all - back when I had any"

 – 19:39, September 29, 2014 (UTC)

*Archie stands, with a vague, reminiscent grin, running both hands out to practically his full span over the backs of the chairs that once sought to contain and support Iz.*

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