Octavia Bedroom 2
This is the room in the Converted Barn that is probably the cosiest, and in all likelihood the first room to have been made by the Muggle architect employed by James. This simple black and grey design is strangely soothing to Octavia; as much as she generally likes simplicity, she can make things look rather nice.

Black is Octavia's favourite colour, so this colour scheme appealed to her. She, at first, wanted it to be silver, then changed her mind.

She likes her room warmly lit, sometimes by candle. She prefers to read by candlelight, and often wonders, whilst in bed, whether she should one day write a book herself, `maybe on the insolence of Mudbloods and how they affect common wizarding society. She keeps souvenirs of the few "good times", like the summer of 1997, in which the "Mudbloods" letter was published. She has a copy of this, and often thinks about suggesting to the current Ministry that they reinstate Muggle-born questioning.



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