This is a large room with two bonsai trees marking the entrance. The door is just a curtain of black silk, so that it is easy to cut through. There is a huge mirror so that Caecey can see what she is doing while she was doing it. Arcturus was doubtful at first about allowing her this room for that particular purpose, until Caecey lightly explained that it meant she could defend herself when disarmed, and could dodge spells easily and go pretty much anywhere unseen. The idea of Caecey vaulting over a man's head and then hitting him in the back seemed to amuse Arcturus; so it was probably this thought that caused him to agree to this - er, dojo, for practicing a Muggle art - karate.


Roleplay (be very careful as you manoeuvre around, she might be practicing)

Caecey Greengrass- Ex-Slytherin
Send Me an Owl! - 18:38, October 21, 2012 (UTC)
She would be practicing her 'spinning kick'.

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