This library is filled with many bookshelves filled with books, neatly aligned in alphabetical order. It has dark green- carpeted floors and a comfortable armchair in the middle where Caecey sits to read. Some of her Hogwarts books, of course excluding "The Monster Book Of Monsters" which would have ripped the other books, some of which are worth hundreds of Galleons. (Not that Arcturus wouldn't have bought her another one).

Several ladders dot the shelves, just in case Caecey couldn't reach the book she fancied. The shelves are made of Caecey's favourite wood, redwood.

This is the part that Caecey usually demanded needed dusting the most.

Caecey library




Hebath The Rookery
-"As you say."

 – 12:49, September 23, 2012 (UTC)

*A whole flock of feather dusters is sent flitting around the shelves, cleaning the whole in some two minutes, as Hebath keeps a fearful eye on the door. The task done, it's back to the Stables for him.*

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