This is the diary of Caecey: Please do not edit without Lilly Lovegood(2)'s permission.

Entry One:

I'm really pleased; Daddy paid for me to have a swimming's perfect. It's so deep my toes won't touch the bottom... and that's exactly the way I like it. It has three diving boards.... I dived off the top one, and I splashed water all over Hebath, who was coming in for the lunchtime cleanup.

Dinner: I got my favourite. A roast dinner, with Butterbeer flavoured ice-cream for dessert. There should have been a few more bottles of oak-matured mead out, maybe I should tell Daddy, and he'll tell the house elves to put a few more out next time...

Daddy wouldn't let me drink Firewhisky, because I'm under age. It's so annoying....


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