Caecey's Suite

This is again a misnomer for an entire wing which, before she made a bid for independence, was 99% of Caecey Rookou's universe outside of Hogwarts. Since Caecey's unexpected return, she has polished it up a little bit more. (Goodness knows how she can polish it up when it looks so good already.) She has passworded it, quite a while back, when she first started wanting independence.

This wing has about twenty-five rooms, and she never has time for all of them, so she mainly does what she can. She has not decided what to do with the passwords since her return, but knowing Caecey, there is a good chance they may remain there.

Previous Passwords include:



Mimbulus Mimbletonia

Rooms in Caecey's wing

Caecey's private library

Caecey's "Study Room"

Caecey's Bedroom

Caecey's Swimming Pool

Caecey's important possessions


Here, among the relics of a simpler age, is one of extreme simplicity, a bowl, filled with water and adorned with floating magnolia blossoms. It is, however, considerably more than it seems, being a Pensieve which her father handmade for Caecey for her fifteenth birthday. The memory almost permanently imprinted on its surface, due to constant recall by its mistress, is the conflict which sparked her departure, the final face-off between the two.


This is one of Caecey's very important possessions. Her and Ciaran, her brother who left the house before her, have one, although she recently discovered that her twin brother left his behind. It is handmade by Caecey, inset with a tiny ruby, and when one mutters a particular incantation, it will open to show a picture of Ciaran, happy, before his departure from the Rookou home. This ring is very important to Caecey, and anybody else touching it sends her into an amazingly terrifying rage.


This is Caecey's lucky charm. It is not unlike Salazar Slytherin's, except without the serpentine "S". She wears it all the time, as it was handed down to her from people many generations ago. She often wonders why it won't open, and whether it possesses some sort of magical power, and that it will only open when she needs what is inside the most. She often spends several hours in her room, trying to open it, despite this assumption.


As with all of the wizarding community, her wand is the most important thing that she owns. This is what sets her apart from the Muggle community, although she refuses to acknowledge this particular fact, even though her family would tell her this. It is Willow and Dragon Heartstring, Unyielding.

General Problems (List of things for Caecey to try and sort out, some of which are impossible)

  • Father can get into my room, even though I try to protect it more each time. It's like the whole manor obeys him.
  • Change passwords routinely each week; I keep forgetting.
  • Seal diary with charm; don't want Father reading it, it would NOT be pretty.



Coin Communications

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