One of the two large open areas here on the highest full floor. The walls are covered with wizard-style photos from the 1944 Laurence Olivier film version of 'Henry V'. This, even in motion, is the sanitised, OTT patriotic portrayal of the conflict that people needed in time of true war, and shaped most of Arcturus' early thinking about battle and glorious death.


Archive 1


Disgusted Nott by periwinkle blue Arcturus Rookou ghost

Arcturus Rookou Noble Slytherin
-"Blood above all - back when I had any"

 – 10:51, April 15, 2013 (UTC)

*In a declamatory mood, Archie wanders up here, trailed reluctantly by Izzy, and having prodded and bullied Izzy into the feed line, launches into an entirely OTT (or, in other words, extremely Olivieresque) rendition of the 'St. Crispin's Day' speech - interpolating moments of Peter Cook's 'Ralph the Liar's Day' variant when his memory stalls.*


Draco Rookwood – Durmstrang/Hogwarts
TALK – 22:14, August 30, 2016 (UTC)
*The room exerts an inexplicable pull on Draco. It's not the decor or the view, not the furniture or any feng shui he's aware of. Somehow, when he's here, his imagination provides an endless diorama of Rookou moments in local history, most of which probably lack even a kernel of truth.*

Draco Rookwood – Durmstrang/Hogwarts
TALK – 07:06, October 7, 2017 (UTC)
*Draco wanders in every once in a while, just to - drink it all in.*


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