Serpent training area 01

Serpents training in days of yore

This is a simple exercise area, carved out for himself by the teenaged Arcturus, or so he believes. It contains medicine balls, a few benches and a set of parallel bars. There is what appears to be a quarterstaff in the corner. It is, in fact, a magical weights bar, which can, by moving the "collars" on it, be reconfigured for any weight from 5 - 400 Kilograms.
Serpent training area 02 - Arcturus I demonstrating

Arcturus I training one of the last Serpents

It contains a repulsion hex which prevents it touching any body part save the palms of the hands. This allows one person alone to use it with complete safety.

Serpent training area 02

Two young Serpents in training

Over the door is inscribed "Mens sana in corpore sano." There is a practice mat in the middle of the floor, which shows considerable signs of age and repair. Since the Rookous tend to discard anything short of objets d'art which are imperfect, this is puzzling. The north wall holds racks of Kendo sticks. Everything here is coated - thickly - with dust, but there are no other signs of neglect. In fact, it seems almost af it someone came in, removed the dust, repaired and repositioned everything and then let the mantle of dust settle once more into place. That same someone may be responsible for the placement of the photo album, showing this room as it was in Arcturus I's time, on the bench generally used, once upon a time, for weight lifting.

A goodly number of hours of Arcturus' own teenage years were spent here, to judge by the various copies of the Quibbler scattered around the room, all with dates in the early to mid-80s on them. Once again, it is atypical that such souvenirs have not been disposed of, at least by the house elves. There is clearly some specific prohibition in place on this topic.

Arcturus was (just prior to his death) piecing together this room's "ancient history" under his namesake.



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