Ground Floor

The ground floor of Tulula's wing is quite haunting in its overly tended perfection. Family entertaining areas, rooms designed around the once budding Rookou-Greengrass family, and a "manic" area, are the entirety of this floor. There was a great expectation to have the kind of family that would put these rooms into regular use not limit them to house-elf cleanings.

First Floor

Tulula saw this as the perfect zone within her wing to fashion for herself her den, consisting of her much more expansive library for recreation and research purposes, her desk and the attempted 'Arcturus friendly area, this floor houses Tulula's studio, sculpture and dance, hence its title as "the Lady's den".

Second Floor

The Beautification Chamber is found on the Second Floor, being the floor that is most vacant. If this is current location of Tulula you may not see her at this moment. She may only been seen after she has entered and subsequently made her departure from this floor, from that specific zone on a good day. Some of which she may even be approached if she is in her den.

Third Floor

The Third Floor comprises a waiting area as the lady of the house is not fond of the sight of the house elves they must wait until they have been allowed in or Tulula exits, the same goes for the Master bedroom.

Fourth Floor

Fifth Floor



Archive 1

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