The Quad

The quad

The Quad (also known as the Paved Courtyard) is a courtyard located on the Hogwarts Castle exterior area. This courtyard is connected to the Boathouse and the Viaduct. There are four towers, two each located at either end of this courtyard; Gryffindor Tower, the Grand Staircase Tower, the Stone Bridge Tower and the North Tower. In the middle of the other two sides are the Suspension Bridge Towers and the Hospital Wing. Gobstones players usually gather here to play Snake Pit.



Amelia and Donnie

Amelia Tyrrell - Sixth Year Ravenclaw

Message Me  - 01:51, October 29, 2018 (UTC)

The first day had already flown by so Amelia has decided to take some time outside before she was stuck doing homework for the rest of the year. This was her favorite time of year. It was still decently warm out, but not overwhelmingly hot. She sat in a bench, happily taking in the sunlight.