The Hog's Head

Hogs Head Interior

The Hog's Head Inn is an inn and pub in Hogsmeade. The bar at the Hog's Head comprises one small, very dirty, and dingy room that has bay windows that are so encrusted with filth that you can barely see through them. The place is full of rough wooden tables that generally have nothing except the stubs of candles sitting upon their surfaces. The stone floor of the place is so dirty that it looks as though there is not a floor at all, but instead that the building is simply built on open ground. Come sit down at one of tables or at the bar, and The Hog's Head's current owner and operator will serve you a beverage.



Aaron Williams

You may use this template when needed:

[[User:{{{name}}}|Aaron Williams]] - Barman
[[User talk:{{{name}}}|Send Me an Owl!]] - {{{time}}}

Here is it's coding:

{{Barman|time=~~~~~|name= Username Here |text= Message Here}}




  • The backroom
  • Supply rooms
  • The bar itself in days of old
  • Cellars
  • After last call
  • Most famous moment
  • The good old (half-)days