Gillystem's Cabin. Mathilda Colin Asling

This Cabin is empty. Owners have temporarily moved elsewhere.


This cabin, owned by Mathilda Gillystem, is back in a hidden area so some magical beasts can't get in, and most muggles traveling the trails won't find it either. The cabin has huge glass windows, most of the ways around of it. It has three bedrooms, sitting room, and kitchen. Many magical beasts live around the complex. A small trail leads to the beasts cages, where they keep many beasts for examining. The biggest trouble the house faces are griffin attacks. Griffin's often fly over and try and drop things on them. Luckily the House does have a protective charm around it for this particular reason. Giants and trolls have become trouble, but not often. There are many Bowtruckles living in the trees around the cabin as well.

Inside, there aren't many walls. Mostly just poles holding it up, and also enchantments. The Kitchen is big, for Mathilda is a great cook. The sitting room the same with two chairs and a couch. Asling's bedroom has a twin bed and pictures of the family (except her grandparent's). Colin's room has a big book shelf, twin bed and pictures of the family as well. Mathilda's room has a queen bed, and a nightstand with a picture of her husband. She has loads more books than Colin, covering an entire wall. The bathroom is an out house outside the home.


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