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The Dance Hall

The Dance Hall is a small, plain studio which sees relatively little use. Students may come up here to dance, be alone, or just talk if they wish. There is a wardrobe with several outfits to choose from, and a corridor which leads down to the Third Floor Corridor.



Dexter and Katja

Katja Kranz-Munteanu - Hufflepuff 5th Year + Papillonlisse Transfer

Message Me  - 06:18, April 26, 2017 (UTC)

Katja had made a few slick comments on their way to the Dance Hall, so she hadn't found herself bored. Actually, she had gotten distracted enough that she hadn't remembered the way up to the little studio. When they entered, she found herself disappointed compared to what Beauxbatons would had. Hogwarts certainly tried though, so she supposed. "I could always try practicing here," she said, pulling away from him and moving into the center of the room. It was bigger once you got out of the doorway or she just really wanted it to be. "Can you dance, Dex?"

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