Wikia DARP - Mrs. Landingham (a typical look)

A typical Landingham "look"

Mrs. Landingham has appropriated the area immediately outside the door of the Square Office, and now stands guard there constantly. Anyone, except the Chief of Staff, looking to walk into the President's workplace will have to get past her, which is not going to happen until they state their business, and show that they are either expected, or have truly (in her assessment) urgent business. Since she sleeps barely four hours a day, generally 01:00 - 05:00, there is little hope of sneaking past her. She is, on average, absent from the building for 4 hours 47 minutes a day, merely one of many statistics she has at her fingertips.

Wikia DARP - Mrs. Landingham (attempting to send the President about his necessary business)

Mrs. L trying to get the President to focus

Behind her desk is a world map, with constantly shifting colors, as various incidents and hot spots are made public. On her desk, facing towards her, is a large vanity case, with the lid open, a strange choice for a woman who wears no discernible cosmetics, and never touches up her make-up. There is, however, a twelve inch, on the diagonal, mirror, inside the lid, which serves for scrying, Pensieve and many similar purposes. Mrs. Landingham doesn't usually care to wear her glasses at her desk, so the mirror "compensates" for her less than flawless eyesight. Various examples of the international wizarding press are generally strewn all over the desk, another surprise in an elsewhere meticulously ne
Wikia DARP - Mrs. Landingham (Dolores on duty)

Dolores on duty - in other words, Mrs. Landingham

at woman.

Although she, and others, refer to it as her nook, Mrs. Landingham has, by force of personality, cleared out the other bureaucrats who used to nest in this antechamber to the Square Office, so calling it her office would not be inaccurate.

The nearest AP (Apparition Point) is some 30 yards away, down the corridor to the left as you leave this area, and obviously has automated anti-intruder defenses and 24-hour wizard security. It is about the only regular human contact, since she barely sees her brother, that Mrs. Landingham has these days.

Mrs. Landingham has had a magical, voice-responsive espresso machine installed in her nook, partly to demonstrate solidarity with the Muggles and their innovations, but mainly because her time away from the office has fallen to an average four hours twenty-nine minutes, a situation in which something's got to give. Whilst she's not hyper in any traditional manner, her glare does frequently feel caffeine-reinforced to its victims.

Roleplay (with good reason, as Mrs. L does not take pointless interruptions well)

Wikia DARP - Mrs. Landingham (Interlocutor)

Dolores Landingham Salem Institute
-"And in four minutes . . ."

 – 10:37, October 28, 2012 (UTC)

*Dolores has been sleeping unusually well of late - a fact which she sees as, per se, a cause for concern. At this rate, her average absence from the Black House may well exceed five, or even five and a half, hours a day.*

Wikia DARP - Mrs. Landingham (Interlocutor)

Dolores Landingham Salem Institute
-"And in four minutes . . ."

 – 09:44, November 4, 2012 (UTC)

*Reports are starting to filter through concerning the WHPS attack on Hogwarts, and Dolores devours each one as it arrives.*

Wikia DARP - Mrs. Landingham (Interlocutor)

Dolores Landingham Salem Institute
-"And in four minutes . . ."

 – 18:02, November 8, 2012 (UTC)

*Dolores has to stop reading and rest her eyes for a while as the thoughts percolate through of what might have happened to all those little ones.*

Wikia DARP - Mrs. Landingham (Interlocutor)

Dolores Landingham Salem Institute
-"And in four minutes . . ."

 – 19:53, December 3, 2012 (UTC)

*Dolores' dark mood is starting to affect her work, and sensible souls avoid this place even more than they did previously.*


Archive One

Her little-known inner child

In those rare moments when young Dolly resurfaces, to daydream beneath the skin of Mrs. L, it goes a little something like this:-
The Bangles - Manic Monday - Official Music Video03:08

The Bangles - Manic Monday - Official Music Video

Dolly's yearnings

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