The Art of Wandlore: Wands

At this point you have many questions. Don't worry, my child. They will all be answered in this chapter we will be looking at, what else. Wands. What is a wand? How are wands created?

A wand is a magical instrument through which a witch or wizard channels his or her magical powers. Most spells are done with wands. It is very possible to do magic without the aid of a wand. Wandless Magic. But it's very tricky - only advanced wizards seem to get the hang of it. Magic with a wand is mostly performed with an incantation, but Nonverbal spells are also possible for more experienced wizards, and are a great deal more helpful in duelling, as the opponent has no way of knowing what spell you are going to cast, and thus might not be able to adequately protect him or herself in time. Good, isn't it? Wands are referred to as "quasi-sentient" because they are as close to animate as an inanimate object can get. This is because they are imbued with a great deal of magic.

How are wands made? They are made by wand makers. The most famous of these in Great Britain being Ollivander and Gregorovitch.

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