The Bowtruckles are an important part of Wandlore, as they protect the trees that wand makers use. They are sometimes referred to as Tree people, but this makes wand makers very angry.

Bowtruckles 1


These creatures are unique to England, southern Germany, and certain Scandinavian forests. They only live in Europe and on no other continent. If this creature lives in a tree, it shows that the tree is healthy, and this is why wand crafters use its wood for their art.


The Bowtruckle is immensely difficult to spot, being a hand-sized, insect eating, tree dweller with long sharp fingers (two on each hand), brown eyes, and the general appearance of a flat-faced little stickman made of bark and twigs, which serves well as camouflage in its natural habitat. The twig-like fingers are well adapted for digging out wood lice in trees, and can also be used as a weapon against a foe when aimed at the eyes.


Bowtruckles live on a diet of tree lice but sometimes when they need to be "persuaded" by a Wandmaker they are given Doxy Eggs (their favourite food) and fairy eggs. They also eat small mammals, mice, voles etc. and bugs.

Bowtruckles in History

Many Magizoologists agree that the Bowtruckle originated in Greece, bearing the name Nymph. But other believe that they originated from Japan under the name Kodama. All we know is that by 300 BC they had all vanished.

On the 17th of March 159 BC the first Bowtruckle was recorded in Wales, many, many miles from their birth home. These creatures spread like wildfire at the time of the Roman invasion of Northern and Western Europe, living in every country, with their population doubling in the Middle Ages. In the year 1348, these creatures started to drop like pixies; some Magizoologists believe this drop in numbers was caused by the Black Death that, oddly, started on that same year.

All we know is that by 1389 these amazing creatures only dwelt in England (some bits of Wales and Scotland), southern Germany, and certain Scandinavian forests. These creatures are now protected by the BPS (Bowtruckle Protection Society).

Name meaning

The word "bow" was an old Scottish dialect means "dwelling," and "limb of tree" or "truckle" in old English dialect. This means "to take a subordinate position."

Other Names

Guardians - by Wand makers

Tree dwellers - by Magizoologists

Tree people - by Wizards/Witches

Tree Nymphs - by Ancient Greeks

Lunatishee - By Welsh Celts

Skeah-Shee (Sidhe) - by the Ancient Irish

Gille Dubh - by Scots

Kodama - by the Japanese

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