Serpens Cottage

(Home of Tanis Nyt)

Fantasy Cottage by Guernicas - Serpens Cottage

The first interior visual of Serpens Cottage is the brightly colored, white Entry, the staircase leading to the bedroom and Library. The living area to the left, designed to look like a muggle living room, including a flat screen television which functions as a modified security system. Beyond the staircase is the Kitchen and Dining room, to the right is the Sitting Room.

Sitting Room

The Sitting Room is a darker room, the center focus of which is a stone fireplace and the two green leather chairs and ottoman adjacent to it. The rooms walls are white, which contrasts with the dark stone and dark wood that decorate it. Tanis prefers to be in this room most, even though the design is quite masculine, mostly the stag horn chandelier.

Kitchen | Dinning Room

The Kitchen and Dining room are adjoined making cooking and subsequently eating a very simple sequence of events. This room is also quite bright, colors or mostly white or bright wood making it obvious when cleaning is necessary. The room(s) forms an L shape, due to the sitting area that placement just beyond the kitchen counter and to the left of the dining table.


The Study is in the upper section of Serpens Cottage, it resides in what could be deemed an offshoot of the Master bedroom. There is a vantage point that can be looked down on from the balcony in the Study to the halls leading to the bedrooms. It is another dark room which Tanis also prefers to the lighter rooms of the home, it also has a fireplace made of beige stone and tall dark wood bookshelves.


The bedrooms are large rooms, mostly white and gold, with support beams in dark wood to accent the rooms and keep them structurally sound while remaining pleasing to the eye. Tanis does not often sleep in her bedroom, on rare occasions she will retreat there with a book only to nap very shortly and then return to her usual business.

Roleplay (Unlikely welcomed due to the inimical nature of the current resident)

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