Slytherin has won the Quidditch Cup!Quuidditch Cup

Welcome To


"We Slytherins are brave, yes, but not stupid. For instance, given the choice, we will always choose to save our own necks.”


Head of House
Professor Sokolova

Head Boy and Girl
Victoria Torres
Dexter Burke

Kyler Fields
Wulfric Stone

Quidditch Captain
Tessa Bellerose
Clara Davidson

The Dorms are here.

The Slytherin common room lies behind a cunningly concealed entrance down in the dungeons. As you’ll notice, its windows look out into the depths of the Hogwarts lake. We often see the giant squid swooshing by – and sometimes more interesting creatures. We like to feel that our hangout has the aura of a mysterious, underwater shipwreck. And once you're in, you're in. Nobody backs out later from being a Slytherin.

A few more things you might need to know: our house ghost is the Bloody Baron. If you get on the right side of him, he’ll sometimes agree to frighten people for you. Just don’t ask him how he got bloodstained; he doesn’t like it. The password to the common room changes every fortnight. Keep an eye on the noticeboard. Never bring anyone from another house into our common room or tell them our password. No outsider has entered it for more than seven centuries. Well, I think that’s all for now. I’m sure you’ll like our dormitories. We sleep in ancient four-posters with green silk hangings, and bedspreads embroidered with silver thread. Medieval tapestries depicting the adventures of famous Slytherins cover the walls, and silver lanterns hang from the ceilings. You’ll sleep well; it’s very soothing, listening to the lake-water lapping against the windows at night.

Don't get too comfortable though, because, remember, you could be between someone else and their ambition, and we students of Salazar prize a delicate removal more than a blatant confrontation, and see artistry in a well-woven web, whatever it's make-up may be.


The schedule has been announced. See it below:


Hogwarts Schedule - Mandatory Classes
Class Years
First Year Flying 1st
Charms ALL
Defense Against the Dark Arts ALL
Herbology ALL
History of Magic ALL
Potions ALL
Transfiguration ALL

Hogwarts Schedule - Optional Classes
Class Years
Mythology 1st-7th
Care of Magical Creatures 3rd-7th
Healing 5th-7th
Wizarding Law 5th-7th

Additional Help
Hospital Wing

All classes run weeks 1-8 and all exams will be week 9. Week 4 will be a break for Christmas Holidays.

House Notices


Nora Déonté Solicitor, Harkness Legal Practice Home
-"There is no crueler tyranny than that which is perpetuated under the shield of law and in the name of justice."~ Charles de Montesquieu

 – 14:23, April 22, 2015 (UTC)

Welcome, Slytherins, to a fresh year. I expect all of you to respect this school as it it were your own home--i.e., do not defile it. Troublemakers will be dealt with...accordingly.

Seventh Years: Please visit me in my office for a discussion about your plans post-Hogwarts. THe earlier, the better, while there's still time to modify your schedules.



===General Roleplay===

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